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Audrey Hepburn Collection [Import]
Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
Audrey Hepburn Collection [Import]

Audrey Hepburn Collection [Import]

Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
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Six-disc set includes:

Roman Holiday (1953)

Audrey Hepburn won a Best Actress Academy Award for her role as Ann, a beautiful princess on a European publicity tour. During a stop in Rome, Ann sneaks away from her embassy, determined to see the Eternal City on her own terms. A hard-bitten newspaperman (Gregory Peck), hiding the fact that he's a reporter, spends the day with her in an effort to get a scoop, but finds himself falling for the young royal. Director William Wyler's charming romantic comedy also stars Eddie Albert. 118 min. BW/Rtg: NR

Sabrina (1954)

Billy Wilder helmed and co-wrote this spry romantic comedy starring Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina Fairchild, the shy daughter of the wealthy Larrabee family's chauffeur. When a trip to Paris transforms Sabrina into a beautiful and elegant young woman, she catches the attention of both of the blueblood clan's sons--workaholic Linus (Humphrey Bogart) and carefree playboy David (William Holden). Walter Hampden, John Williams also star. 112 min. BW/Rtg: NR

War And Peace (1956)

This spectacular mounting of Tolstoy's classic novel was the first English-language adaptation realized for the silver screen. Set in Russia during the Napoleonic Wars, the sweeping saga juggles a complex web of intrigues involving families of aristocrats caught up in a tumultuous time when love often conflicted with duty. Henry Fonda, Mel Ferrer, Audrey Hepburn, Herbert Lom, and Anita Ekberg head the all-star cast; directed by King Vidor. 3 1/2 hrs. C/Rtg: PG

Funny Face (1957)

In this complete reworking of the 1927 stage musical in which he also starred, Fred Astaire is fashion photographer Dick Avery and Audrey Hepburn is shy bookstore clerk Jo Stockton, whom he discovers during a shoot and takes to Paris, transforming her into a top model. Kay Thompson and Robert Flemyng co-star in this lush, romantic musical with a wonderful George and Ira Gershwin score, including "'S Wonderful," "Think Pink!," the title tune, and more; directed by Stanley Donen. 103 min. C/Rtg: NR

The Nun's Story (1959)

Director Fred Zinnemann’s sensitive drama, adapted from Kathryn Hulme’s novel, follows Belgian doctor’s daughter Gabrielle Van Der Mal (Audrey Hepburn), who enters a convent in the late 1920s. After studying medicine, Gabrielle works in a mental hospital before serving as a nurse in the Congo. Struggling with her faith when World War II begins, Gabrielle is somehow expected to remain neutral as the Nazis commit horrific atrocities across Europe. Peter Finch, Edith Evans, Mildred Dunnock, and Dean Jagger co-star. 152 min. C/Rtg: NR

The Unforgiven (1960)

Directed by John Huston, this classic western saga set in 1850s Texas concerns Rachel (Audrey Hepburn), a Native American who was stolen from her tribe as a youth by a white family. After the truth about Rachel is revealed, it stirs up much conflict within the clan--especially for her lovesick brother (Burt Lancaster). But when they are attacked during an Indian raid, their lives are changed forever. With Audie Murphy, John Saxon, Lillian Gish. 125 min. C/Rtg: NR

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Studio: Imports
Number of Discs: 6
Release Date: 7/17/2012
Item #: 348624X
UPC #: 8809300660745
Attributes: Asia - Import, NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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