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Le Avventure Di Pinocchio (Original Television Soundtrack)
Artist: AVVENTURE DI PINOCCHIO / O.S.T. Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
Le Avventure Di Pinocchio (Original Television Soundtrack)

Le Avventure Di Pinocchio (Original Television Soundtrack)

Artist: AVVENTURE DI PINOCCHIO / O.S.T. Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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Digitmovies rerelease, on a triple-CD set, Fiorenzo Carpi's complete original soundtrack for the TV drama Le Avventure Di Pinocchio ("The Adventures of Pinocchio") in full stereo, directed in 1972 by Luigi Comencini. At the time the C.A.M. issued a 33rpm containing eighteen tracks and a 45rpm single with two tracks. The album material was re-released in France on an LP and on another vinyl with music and dialogues narrated by Genevieve Casile. C.A.M. reissued on CD for the first time ever, the content of the vintage 33rpm in 1991, in it's series Cam's Soundtrack Encyclopedia and in 2005 with a new music suite. For the production of Digitmovies' triple-CD set, the label were able to access the master tapes in full stereo of the recording session of the time which allowed them to use every note recorded in 1972, under the direction of the fabulous orchestra conductor Bruno Nicolai (who had also handled the arrangements). An open sea of music... The label almost felt like the puppet Pinocchio who desperately swims in front of the monstrous jaws of the whale; experience of recovery, edit, sequence, and restoration really tiring and unprecedented, which led finally to the realization of Digitimovies' ambitious project. CD one contains the material of the historic 33rpm, followed by TV versions and alternate takes; CD two continues with many other TV versions and alternate takes; the third CD contains TV versions, alternate takes, and test versions sung by Andrea and Nino Manfredi Balestri with the orchestra of the brothers de Angelis. The magnitude of Fiorenzo Carpi and Bruno Nicolai is highlighted by the impressive number of different arrangements of the main themes (the most attentive audiophiles will notice even the presence of certain sonic atmospheres typical of Nicolai for the Italian thriller!) That lead the listener into the magical world of Pinocchio, thanks to a popular flavor of music, strong in it's extreme simplicity. An absolute masterpiece that wants to pay homage to Nino Manfredi in one of his most intense performances, the director Luigi Comencini and of course the musical art of Fiorenzo Carpi and Bruno Nicolai. Edition of 300.
Label: Digitmovies
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 1/4/2019
Item #: 2109462X
UPC #: 8032539494595
Attributes: 3 Pack
Product Type: CD
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