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The Barbara Stanwyck Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
The Barbara Stanwyck Collection

The Barbara Stanwyck Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
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The first film to feature Dr. Kildare, "Internes Can't Take Money" (1937) finds ex-convict Barbara Stanwyck seeking help from the caring medico (Joel McCrea) to save her kidnapped daughter from a gangster. With Lloyd Nolan. An elderly Stanwyck looks back on her romance with frontiersman and eventual U.S. senator McCrea in the sweeping drama "The Great Man's Lady" (1942), co-starring Brian Donlevy. Horse breeder Stanwyck's marriage to author/Civil War buff Robert Cummings is endangered thanks to neighbor Diana Lynn in the comedy "The Bride Wore Boots" (1946). With Robert Benchley, Natalie Wood. "The Lady Gambles" (1949) has Stanwyck being bitten by the gaming bug while visiting Las Vegas with reporter spouse Robert Preston. With Stephen McNally and, as a bellhop, Tony Curtis. After leaving for an affair and a stage career, early 1900s actress Stanwyck tries to reunite with husband Richard Carlson and their children in the Douglas Sirk melodrama "All I Desire" (1953). And toy manufacturer Fred MacMurray sees an escape from a stifling homelife when old flame Stanwyck returns in Sirk's "There's Always Tomorrow" (1956), with Joan Bennett. 8 1/2 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono. Three-disc set.
Barbara Stanwyck
Richard Carlson
Fred MacMurray
Robert Preston
Joel McCrea
Robert Cummings
Brian Donlevy
Lyle Bettger
Diana Lynn
Joan Bennett
Lloyd Nolan
Stephen McNally
Stanley Ridges
Patric Knowles
Marcia Henderson
Edith Barrett
William Reynolds
Katherine Stevens
Peggy Wood
Lori Nelson
Pat Crowley
Lee Bowman
John Hoyt
Thurston Hall
Lloyd Corrigan
Elliott Sullivan
Robert Benchley
Maureen O'Sullivan
Barry Macollum
Gigi Perreau
John Harmon
Jane Darwell
Richard Long
Willie Best
Irving Bacon
Etta McDaniel
Gaylord Pendleton
Frank M. Thomas
Phil Van Zandt
Billy Gray
Race Gentry
Natalie Wood
Leif Erickson
Lotte Stein
Gregory Muradian
Myrna Hansen
Pierre Watkin
William B. Davidson
Charles Lane
Lillian Yarbo
Mary Young
Judy Nugent
Dayton Lummis
Curt Conway
Fred Nurney
Charles D. Brown
James Bush
Houseley Stevenson
Paul Smith
Helen Lynd
Mary Treen
Don Beddoe
Frank Orth
Thomas E. Jackson
Nick Lukats
Helen Kleeb
Anthony Nace
Jane Howard
Nana Bryant
George Anderson
Lucien Littlefield
Virginia Brissac
John Hamilton
Lela Bliss
Frances Mercer
Fay Holden
Forbes Murray
Anthony Curtis
Sheila Bromley
Frank Bruno
Peter Leeds
Guy Williams
George Melford
Richard Gaines
Frank Moran
Stuart Whitman
Damian O'Flynn
Lillian Harmer
Dorothy Bruce
Hermine Sterler
Esther Howard
Myrtle Anderson
John Indrisano
John "Skins" Miller
Lois Austin
George Chandler
Mildred Gover
Hal Smith
Elmer Jerome
Henry Hastings
Guy Wilkerson
Milton Parsons
Polly Bailey
Anna Q. Nilsson
George Lynn
Alice Keating
George Spaulding
Louise Lorimer
James Rawley
Alan De Witt
George P. Huntley
Billy Wayne
Eula Guy
Jack Mulhall
Jack Lomas
Gertrude Hoffman
Mack Gray
Al Rhein
George Irving
Mary Newton
Edmund Cobb
Joe Gilbert
Janet Clark
Fern Emmett
Wheaton Chambers
David Clyde
Jeffrey Sayre
Ida Moore
Lillian West
Bert Holland
Eleanor Stewart
Carlyle Mitchell
Sally Fraser
Francis McDonald
Steve Darrell
Mack Williams
Henry Blair
Evelyn Dockson
James Millican
George Carleton
Ottola Nesmith
Gertrude Simpson
Donald Kerr
Pat O'Malley
Peter Brocco
Jerry Paris
Harry Hayden
Helen Brown
Walter Baldwin
Priscilla Lawson
Harold Goodwin
Vonne Lester
Hank Bell
Pat Lane
Monte Blue
Frances Morris
Frank McFarland
Larry Thompson
Beatrice Gray
Emma Tansey
Larry Lawson
George Selk
Milt Kibbee
Lee Phelps
Catherine Craig
Manuel Paris
Lucille Ward
Mary Jane Hodge
Rita Owin
Rex Lease
Margaret Bert
Theodor Von Eltz
Helen Dickson
Lee Moore
Dora Clemant
Gerald Pierce
Buck Mack
Perc Launders
Harvey Clark
Aminta Dyne
Charles Moore
Minerva Urecal
Charles Williams
Bob Perry
Alexander Schonberg
Mae Busch
Harry Tyler
Jack Gordon
Jack Daley
Frank Marlowe
Charles Sherlock
Ralph Brooke
Nick Copeland
Eddie LeBaron
Gloria Williams
Billy Cartledge
William Hudson
Eddie Dunn
Watson Downs
Jack Raymond
Ralph Montgomery
James Adamson
Doug Carter
Kenneth Cutler
Agostino Borgato
Al Bayne
Sherry Hall
Eda Reiss Merin
Grace Hale
Jim Toney
Howard Mitchell
Directors: William A. Wellman, Michael Gordon, Douglas Sirk, Irving Pichel, Alfred Santell
Studio: Universal Studios
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 4/27/2010
Item #: MCA020486
UPC #: 025192048647
SKU #: D81394
Attributes: Full Frame, Remastered, Subtitled, Dolby
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Subtitles: ENG
Closed Caption: Yes

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