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School Dayz / Spellbound
Format: DVD Genre: Animation - Super Hero
School Dayz /  Spellbound

School Dayz / Spellbound

Format: DVD Genre: Animation - Super Hero
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2 great titles on 1 DVD for the first time! Batman Beyond: School Dayz - As Terry takes up the mantle of the Dark Knight he finds the pressures of high school are to be just as demanding. 1) Dead Man's Hand: The burden of having a dual identity wears heavily on Terry until he meets a girl named Melanie who seems to understand him. Unfortunately, she also has a hidden secret. 2) Golem: Imagine the kid who was always the butt of the joke having control of a machine 4 stories tall that can lift 27 tons. Then imagine him being cybernetically linked to that machine. 3) the Winning Edge: The legacy of Bane comes back as the 'Super Venom' become popular with Hill High's star athletes. Can even the new Batman match a team of enhanced jocks? Batman Beyond: Spellbound 1) Hooked Up: Batman has to come to Max's rescue when she becomes addicted to a virtual reality world that is controlled by Spellbinder. 2) Spellbound: An Elusive villain called Spellbinder hypnotizes ordinary citizens into committing crimes for him. Batman must uncover Spellbinder's identity before more innocent victims fall under his spell. 3) a Touch of Curare: When a scimitar-wielding assassin named Curare is hired to kill Commissioner Barbara Gordon's husband, Batman feels compelled to help, even though Barbara insists that he stay out of police business.
Director: Butch Lukic
Studio: Warner Home Video
Release Date: 3/2/2004
Item #: WBD033356
UPC #: 085393335625
Attributes: Standard Screen
Product Type: DVD
Rating: UNR

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