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Beautiful Losers [Import]
Format: PAL Video Genre: Drama, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Beautiful Losers [Import]

Beautiful Losers [Import]

Format: PAL Video Genre: Drama, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
PAL Video 
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In the 1990s, a loose-knit group of American artists and creators, many just out of their teens, began their careers. Influenced by the popular underground youth subcultures of the day, such as skateboarding, graffiti, street fashion and independent music, artists like Shepard Fairey, Mark Gonzales, Spike Jonze, Margaret Kilgallen, Mike Mills, Barry McGee, Phil Frost, Chris Johanson, Harmony Korine, and Ed Templeton began to create art that reflected the lifestyles they led. Many had no formal training and almost no conception of the inner workings of the art world, learning their craft through practice, trial and error, and good old-fashioned innovation. Not since the Beat Generation have we seen a group of creative individuals with such a unified aesthetic sense and varied cultural facets. The world of art has been greatly affected by their accomplishments as have the worlds of fashion, music, literature, film, politics and, ironically, athletics. Over the years, the group has matured.
Studio: Magna Pacific
Release Date: 10/27/2009
Item #: SRD250774
UPC #: 9322225077492
Attributes: Australia - Import, Pal Region 4
Product Type: PAL Video

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