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Beck: Volume 3 (Episodes 07-09)
Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime, Television
Beck: Volume 3 (Episodes 07-09)

Beck: Volume 3 (Episodes 07-09)

Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime, Television
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He's got no style, no flash and he's middle-aged. But Swedish detective Martin Beck is good at one thing: methodically catching criminals so they can be put away for a long time. His tightly-wound partner, Gunvald, is the opposite: an impulsive man who cuts a dashing figure, is in no way politically-correct and who never met a boundary he didn't leap to cross. He'll do anything to get information from a suspect, including enhanced interrogation techniques. It's classic good cop/bad cop, and together with their team they bring down dangerous criminals lurking in the seedy Stockholm underworld. Beck may be a loner but he's not anti-social; he regularly sees his daughter, with whom he has a much better relationship than when he was neglecting her growing up. And at the end of a workday, there's always an interesting conversation and a nightcap with a neighbor who gives new meaning to the word quirky. Episode 7: The Money Man - the double-life of a homosexual police officer leads to a showdown between Beck and his arch-enemy Gavling, a.k.a. The Money Man - a notorious kingpin in the underworld of Stockholm. (Directed by Herald Hamrell) Episode 8: Night Vision - a commuter on the last subway of the night is found decapitated. Beck uncovers a gang of young computer freaks who have transformed the entire underground into a hellish, real-life videogame where innocent people become targets. (Directed by Morten Arnfred) Episode 9: The Revenge - Two patrolling cops are killed after stumbling on to criminals who have just stolen large amounts of explosives. Martin Beck and his team must locate the suspects before it's too late. Meanwhile, Gunvald Larsson sets out on his own personal quest for revenge. (Directed by Kjell Sundsvall)
Studio: MHZ Networks Home
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 9/25/2012
Item #: 383627X
UPC #: 815047015555
Attributes: Subtitled, Widescreen
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Subtitles: ENG

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