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Berlin Government District 1932-1938
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest
Berlin Government District 1932-1938

Berlin Government District 1932-1938

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest
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"The Berlin Government District" is a computer-animated documentary that offers a detailed overview of the buildings in Berlin's Government district during Hitler's first years in power. ?The area surrounding Wilhelmplatz was the centre of the government and a symbol of German power from 1871 to 1945. In the Nazi-era this was where all the offices of high government, such as Goebbels' Ministry of propaganda and Hitler's offices, were located. The famous Fuhrer balcony, shown on many historic photographs, overlooked Wilhelmplatz. Albert Speer, Hitler's architect, and later minister of armaments during the war, constructed some of his most well known buildings in this area. It was also here that the final battle for Berlin took place. Almost all the buildings that were not destroyed during the war were demolished afterwards. Of the approx. 50 buildings on Wilhelmplatz and in Vosstreet, only three are still standing. Today the memorial for the European Jewish victims of National Socialism can be found here. Today one can hardly imagine what this historical place used to look like. With this documentary a three-dimensional and historically correct representation of the area is created and an opportunity is given to comprehend the historical and architectural connections in their entirety. Buildings that have been recreated include, among others: - The Old Reichs Chancellery - Goebbels' Propaganda Ministery - Vosstreet 11, Gauhaus of Albert Speer - Wertheim Derpartment Store - Wilhelmplatz 7, Former US Embassy - The Fuhrer Balcony - Wilhelmplatz before, and after, the changes made by the National Socialists.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 6/1/2007
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