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Bette Davis Collection 1
Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics, Box Sets
Bette Davis Collection 1

Bette Davis Collection 1

Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics, Box Sets
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Based on the play by W. Somerset Maugham, director William Wyler's classic suspense film "The Letter" (1940) stars Bette Davis as a woman accused of murder. She says it was self-defense, but will a mystery letter save her or condemn her? Herbert Marshall and Gale Sondergaard also star. And, "The Star" (1952) is a penetrating study of Hollywood with Davis as an aging actress who has problems with work, booze, family, and money, years after she won an Academy Award. Following a career comeback attempt, she considers settling down with an admiring former actor (Sterling Hayden). Natalie Wood, Warner Anderson co-star. Five-disc set also includes "Dark Victory," "Now, Voyager," and "Mr. Skeffington." 9 1/4 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; audio commentary; featurettes; radio shows; alternate ending; more.
Bette Davis
Bette Davis
Sterling Hayden
Paul Henreid
Herbert Marshall
James Stephenson
Walter Abel
Claude Rains
Natalie Wood
George Coulouris
Gladys Cooper
Frieda Inescort
Warner Anderson
Gale Sondergaard
Minor Watson
Bonita Granville
Richard Waring
Marjorie Riordan
John Loder
June Travis
Bruce Lester
Elizabeth Earl
Ilka Chase
Robert Shayne
Paul Frees
Cecil Kellaway
Lee Patrick
John Alexander
Robert Warrick
Barbara Lawrence
Franklin Pangborn
Jerome Cowan
Sen Yung
Doris Lloyd
Katherine Alexander
Fay Baker
Johnny Mitchell
Herb Vigran
Willie Fung
James Rennie
Mary Wickes
Tetsu Komai
Katherine Warren
Peter Whitney
Kay Riehl
Michael Ames
Tom Stevenson
John Ridgely
Charles Drake
Barbara Wooddell
David Alpert
Diane Bernard
David Clyde
Charles Irwin
Halliwell Hobbes
Bunny Sunshine
Holmes Herbert
Tom Irish
Walter Kingsford
Jack Mower
Frank Puglia
William Worthington
Janis Wilson
William Forrest
Charles Victor
Douglas Walton
Harry Bradley
Claire Du Brey
Alexander Leftwich
Ila Rhodes
Helen Spring
Creighton Hale
Don Douglas
O. Z. Whitehead
Charlotte Wynters
Stuart Holmes
John Vosper
Lester Matthews
Frank Darien
Edna Mae Jones
Marie Blake
Sheila Hayward
Vera Lewis
Sidney Bracy
Rosella Towne
Byron Foulger
Edward Fielding
Kit Carson
Bill Edwards
Edgar Edwards
Isabel Withers
Jeffrey Sayre
Lucille Lamarr
Joe Devlin
Frank Dae
Will Morgan
Wedgwood Nowell
Yola D'Avril
Charles Jordan
Erskine Sanford
Georges Renavent
Nat Carr
Ed Graham
Bill Kennedy
Joan Winfield
Reed Hadley
Ann Doran
Jack Goodrich
Maris Wrixon
Elspeth Dudgeon
Ghislaine Perreau
Dick Erdman
George Lessey
Richard Bond
Wilda Bennett
Ian Wolfe
Leyland Hodgson
Charles Marsh
Constance Purdy
Corbet Morris
Cyril Ring
Mary Currier
Hilda Plowright
David Newell
Chef Milani
Marian Alden
Tempe Pigott
Dolores Gray
Dorothy Vaughan
Paulette Evans
Crane Whitley
Hans Herbert
Frank Mayo
Speirs Ruskell
Molly Lamont
John Harron
Saul Gorss
Sylvia Arslan
Ann Codee
Antonio Filauri
Bruce Warren
Minerva Urecal
Doria Caron
Jack George
Angela Greene
Georgia King
Georgia Caine
Lelah Tyler
Mary Field
Regina Wallace
Bess Flowers
Janet Barrett
Tom Wilson
Wallis Clark
Richard Kipling
Matt McHugh
Will Stanton
Tom Quinn
Ronnie Rondell
Danny Dowling
Ray Cooper
Helen Eby-Rock
Isabelle LaMal
Dagmar Oakland
Directors: Stuart Heisler, William Wyler, Irving Rapper, Vincent Sherman, Edmund Goulding
Studio: Warner Home Video
Number of Discs: 5
Release Date: 4/1/2008
Item #: WBD037349
UPC #: 883929011858
SKU #: D62806
Attributes: Gift Set, Boxed Set, Slipsleeve Packaging
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: Yes

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