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Big, Bad Mama-san
Format: DVD Genre: Foreign-Japanese
Big, Bad Mama-san Preview

Big, Bad Mama-san

Format: DVD Genre: Foreign-Japanese
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She's been ridden long and she's been ridden hard, but when that old truck is the only thing your father left you besides a pile of bills, how else is a girl going to make a living? That's how Nami became the hottest thing on wheels, taking any load offered up the back roads of Japan and delivering whatever's been ordered, no questions asked, C.O.D., A.S.A.P. Unfortunately, Nami's drive to become debt free is full of speed bumps like obsessive cops and cheating rival truckers, major detours like old acquaintances who want to be more than "just friends," and one big pot hole in the form of Momoko, an eager beaver truck stop hooker with a heart of gold, a brain of tofu and a desperate yen to become Nami's partner. And all that's just a warm up for what happens when a package belonging to a gang of dim but ruthless gangsters somehow ends up in Nami's back end! Get ready for hijackings, high balling and the most crazed hijinks to ever hit the highways and byways of Japan as everyone tries to worm their way into Nami's flatbed in BIG, BAD MAMA-SAN - DEKOTORA 1!
Hideo JoJo
Director: Hideo JoJo
Studio: Section 23
Release Date: 12/10/2013
Item #: 850722X
UPC #: 814131019332
Product Type: DVD
Rating: TVMA
Subtitles: ENG

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