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Japan Suspects Tour [Import]
Format: DVD Genre: Rock
Japan Suspects Tour [Import]

Japan Suspects Tour [Import]

Format: DVD Genre: Rock
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Formed in the mid 90's, BILLY CLUB SANDWICH play straight up raw and heavy New York Hardcore, mixing tales of personal struggle and disgust with a lighter look at life that is uniquely theirs. These Bronx veterans draw plenty of influence from their neighborhood, throwing in influences as different as thrash, hip hop and even merengue into the mix yet always tying them to an unmistakable NYHC stomp and groove. Equally competent at the traditional and the original, BCS move effortlessly between crazed blasting bursts of speed and ridiculously heavy beatdowns. While they are more than capable of delivering a raging primal slab of HC, the creative and playful side of the band in their approach to song structures and subjects is equally evident throughout their releases. This fresh approach and BCS's mix of Spanish and English lyrics have won them respect far beyond their roots, including interest (as well as touring opportunities) in Puerto Rico, Europe, Japan and beyond. Harsh, frantic playing and unbelievably harsh vocals are all too common in Hardcore these days - the refreshing and original approach BCS bring to the modern hardcore scene is sure to shatter misconceptions and vent frustrations, through both righteous anger and off kilter humor. Brewed in the heart of the Bronx, Billy Club Sandwich's sound is a metallic batch of crunching riffs, intense drumming and a vocal growl that bleeds New York City Hardcore. Powerfully combining off-kilter melodic grooves with bi-lingual lyrics, the foursome have been creating some of the most uniquely aggressive music in the New York Hardcore scene for over twenty years. Having played over with a virtual hall of fame among various hardcore scenes in the US, Puerto Rico, Japan and Europe, BCS felt it was time to document one of their tours and release it for the world to see. Captured here, is a snapshot of their tour of Japan, including rare bonus footage and music videos from one of hardcore's most diverse bands. The "Japan Suspects Tour" DVD features professionally recorded live footage of classic songs such as "Suckerpunch", "Turning Point", "Disturb", "Justice Unknown", "Slow With Your Hands", "Pito Wilson" and more. Also features rare, behind-the-scenes lost tour footage of BCS hanging out in the land of the rising sun. Over 70 minutes of BILLY CLUB SANDWICH mayhem! Bonus footage includes "Suckerpunch" video & interview (2004), "Bottom Of The Barrel" video and outtakes reel, "Narco Cabron" video (1997) and loads more!
Studio: Rucktion Records
Release Date: 7/16/2021
Item #: 2414157X
UPC #: 5055869583251
Attributes: United Kingdom - Import
Product Type: DVD

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