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Black Hollow Cage (2017)
Format: DVD Genre: Horror
Black Hollow Cage

Black Hollow Cage

Format: DVD Genre: Horror
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Alice (Lowena McDonell), a thirteen-year-old girl, lives with her father, Adam (Julian Nicholson), in a huge house in the woods following a car accident in which she lost her mother and part of her right arm. Alice blames her father for the accident, she hates rehabilitation and she hates the new electronic arm that she must carry and can barely handle. One day, Alice and her dog Beatrice find a mysterious cubic artifact among the trees near the house. Through the cube, Alice receives messages from who seems to be her future self, warning her of dire events that she must stop. When Adam finds Erika (Haydee Lysander) and Paul (Marc Puiggener), two young siblings wounded and helpless, he hosts and protects them from a mysterious pursuer. Alice is then prey to suspicion and mistrust; she and Beatrice are wary of the new inhabitants of the house and the unhealthy atmosphere that seems to have engulfed them all. After a terrible event, Alice, shattered and confused, wants to go back and change what happened. This time the cube could help her to alter the past.
Studio: Levelfilm
Release Date: 5/22/2018
Item #: 2036344X
UPC #: 051907986010
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, Dolby, AC-3, NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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