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Soundtrack from Film Mabuta No Ura
Artist: Boris Format: CD Genre: Heavy Metal
Soundtrack from Film Mabuta No Ura

Soundtrack from Film Mabuta No Ura

Artist: Boris Format: CD Genre: Heavy Metal
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The story of Depth Affect began with the new millenium in the suburbs of Nantes, France. In the room of two highschool pupils, The Beach Boys', RZA's or Autechre's LPs were gradually replaced by keyboards and laptops. A few years later, after a few songs and concerts and after the original pair hired the services of a DJ and VJ, Depth Affect was eventually finding it's way when they released their first album 'Arche-Lymb' which was hailed by the critics. In 2008, Depth Affect released another album, 'Hero Crisis' with 12 tracks which owe as much to hip hop, ambient, click'n'cut or dubstep. It is a classy, melodic often melancholy piece of work. Composed just after their last Chorea EP (September, 2010), Draft Battle takes them on a new level, a collected, channeled record, with an uncluttered sound. The title 'Draft Battle' can be understood in various ways. Many tracks died in the fight. The survivors were able to bloom with more simplicity and clarity. The battle was rough. In the end, in Draft Battle, there are feverish and bouncy pieces. There are also melancholic ballads even downright anxious. Just like the cover art, the music of Depth Affect evokes a deserted no-man's-land, which can be supernatural, but also tragic.
Artist(s): Boris
Label: Essence Music (Brazi
Release Date: 8/23/2011
Item #: SDR40525
UPC #: 708527940525
Product Type: CD

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