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The Bowery Boys: Volume Three
Format: DVD Genre: Comedy Video
The Bowery Boys: Volume Three

The Bowery Boys: Volume Three

Format: DVD Genre: Comedy Video
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Slip (Leo Gorcey) helps his newly paroled cousin steer clear of car thieves in "Angels' Alley" (1948). The $50k that the boys find in the gutter turns out to be "Jinx Money" (1948) when it's linked to a dead gambler. The boys become "Angels in Disguise" (1949) when they dress like hoods to infiltrate a mob. Sach (Huntz Hall) inherits a farm in hillbilly country, and the boys get caught between "Feudin' Fools" (1952). Sach's new fuel makes a muscle car out of Slip's "Jalopy" (1953). The gang becomes "Paris Playboys" (1954) when Sach is mistaken for a French scientist and kidnapped. Suckered into buying a worthless mine, the boys set out to "Dig That Uranium" (1956). The boys try "Crashing Las Vegas" (1956) once an accident renders Sach psychic. The boys prove themselves "Hot Shots" (1956) at taming a spoiled child star. A hidden fortune in a haunted house turns the boys into "Spook Chasers" (1957). Sach reminisces about "Looking for Danger" (1957) as a spy in WWII Africa. Sach literally sells his soul to the Devil for racetrack tips in "Up in Smoke" (1957). 12 1/2 hrs. total on four discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Leo Gorcey
Huntz Hall
Stanley Clements
David Gorcey
Darlene Fields
Robert Shayne
Bernard Gorcey
Dorothy Ford
Mary Castle
Lili Kardell
Joi Lansing
Bob Lowry
Don Haggerty
Mary Beth Hughes
Mickey Knox
Sheldon Leonard
Lyle Talbot
Veola Vonn
Mark Dana
Leon Belasco
Donald MacBride
Gabriel Dell
Raymond Hatton
Steven Geray
Eddie Ryan
Jimmy Murphy
Judy Bamber
John E. Wengraf
Anne Kimbell
Betty Caldwell
Eddie LeRoy
Frankie Darro
Queenie Smith
Harry Lauter
Richard Benedict
Mort Mills
Jane Easton
Peter Mamakos
Nestor Paiva
Byron Foulger
Myron Healey
Percy Helton
Oliver Blake
Billy Benedict
Marianne Lynn
Richard Avonde
Jack Rice
Nelson Leigh
Murray Alper
Ralph Sanford
Richard Powers
Isabel Randolph
Ric Roman
Michael Granger
Joe Turkel
Ben Welden
Nicky Blair
Paul Fierro
John Eldredge
Geneva Gray
David Condon
Dick Foote
Rosemary La Planche
Henry Rowland
Gordon Clark
Joe Devlin
Bennie Bartlett
George Khoury
Pepe Hern
Tom Hanlon
Fuzzy Knight
Bill Henry
James Flavin
Lucien Littlefield
Alphonse Martell
Don Marlowe
Phil Phillips
Robert Easton
Emory Parnell
Doris Kemper
Mary Gordon
Otto Reichow
Mona Knox
Earle Hodgins
Francis McDonald
Robert Christopher
Jack Grinnage
John Harmon
Richard Paxton
Ray Walker
O. Z. Whitehead
John Mitchum
Frank Jenks
Bill Cassady
Robert Rose
Audrey Conti
Benny Baker
Dick Elliott
Buddy Gorman
Rory Mallinson
Carey Loftin
Terry Frost
Jack Mulhall
Evelyn Rudie
Paul Wexler
Don Harvey
George Dockstader
Russell Simpson
Carl Switzer
Fritz Feld
Jean Dean
Ralph Dunn
Bess Flowers
Paul Bryar
Tommie Menzies
Anne Fleming
Robert Hopkins
Leo "Ukie" Sherin
William Forrest
Ruth Lee
Harry Strang
Pierre Watkin
Wanda McKay
Benny Bartlett
Louis Tomei
John Bleifer
Joan Bradshaw
Benny Rubin
Emil Sitka
Peter Virgo
George Barrows
Tom Kennedy
Frank Marlowe
Arthur Space
Dewey Robinson
Tristram Coffin
Frank Scannell
Dude Criswell
Dennis Moore
John H. Elliott
Jane Burgess
Bob Bray
Herbert Patterson
Fred Lamont
Michael Vallon
Bob Keys
Robert Emmett Keane
Joey Ray
Stanley Andrews
Jack Chefe
Wade Crosby
Dick Crockett
George Eldredge
Elizabeth Russell
Doretta Johnson
Bob Cudlip
Meyer Grace
William Vedder
Teddy Mangean
Marie Blake
Cosmo Sardo
Wilbur Mack
Frank Hagney
Stanley Blystone
Pete Kellett
Mike Pat Donovan
Speer Martin
Bud Wolfe
Roy Gordon
Charles Sherlock
William Ruhl
Carl Saxe
Jimmy Brandt
William J. O'Brien
Jane Adams
Alfred Tonkel
Dorothy Abbott
Jack Mower
Lee Phelps
John Morgan
Tom Monroe
Jack Gargan
Carl Sklover
Directors: William Beaudine, Austen Jewell, Jean Yarbrough, George Blair, Edward Bernds
Studio: Warner Archives
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 10/1/2013
Item #: 869877X
UPC #: 883316884614
SKU #: D32809
Attributes: Full Frame, Manufactured on Demand, Mono Sound
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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