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The Bowery Boys: Volume Four
Format: DVD Genre: Comedy Video
The Bowery Boys: Volume Four

The Bowery Boys: Volume Four

Format: DVD Genre: Comedy Video
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Hypnosis turns tomato-can Sach (Huntz Hall) into a boxing champ in "Mr. Hex" (1946). Slip (Leo Gorcey) and Sach get wrapped up in a hotel murder in "Trouble Makers" (1948). The Boys are in "Triple Trouble" (1950) when they're made fall guys for a warehouse robbery. The gang joins the Army and goes after spies in "Bowery Battalion" (1951). What's worse than getting drafted? Having Sach made your D.I. in "Here Come the Marines" (1952). The Boys go to Africa to cash in on Sach's diamond-sniffing prowess in "Jungle Gents" (1954). The gang stumbles on an antique lamp, genie and all, in "Bowery to Bagdad" (1955). The Boys become "Spy Chasers" (1955) to help a royal family in exile. The guys go to prison to expose a corrupt warden in "Jail Busters" (1955). A paper hires camera bug Sach for an exposé in "Fighting Trouble" (1956). A mesmerist has Sach remembering a past life─and a buried treasure─in "Hold That Hypnotist" (1957). Dogsitter Sach doesn't know he's covering for diamond smugglers in the last series entry, "In the Money" (1958). 12 3/4 hrs. on four discs. Standard/Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Leo Gorcey
Huntz Hall
Stanley Clements
Jane Nigh
Adele Jergens
Hanley Stafford
Bobby Jordan
Donald MacBride
Patricia Donahue
Virginia Hewitt
Myrna Dell
Robert Foulk
Gabriel Dell
Paul Cavanagh
Barton MacLane
Frankie Darro
Joseph Downing
Laurette Luez
Leon Askin
Joan Shawlee
Richard Benedict
Patrick O'Moore
Pat Collins
Queenie Smith
Sig Ruman
Lionel Stander
Anthony Caruso
Eric Blore
Russell Hicks
John Ridgely
Arthur Space
Percy Helton
Thomas B. Henry
Veola Vonn
Rudolph Anders
Jean Willes
Lyn Thomas
David Gorcey
Eddie LeRoy
David Condon
Helen Parrish
Lisa Davis
Laurie Mitchell
William Benedict
Lyle Talbot
Leonard Penn
Harry Cording
Tim Ryan
Gale Robbins
Ben Weldon
Paul Dubov
John Dodsworth
Richard Wessel
Jimmy Murphy
Gil Stratton Jr.
Leslie Denison
Joseph Turkel
Murray Alper
Ian Keith
Billy Benedict
Emory Parnell
Dick Elliott
John Harmon
Ashley Cowan
Rayford Barnes
Danny Welton
Sammy Cohen
Edward Stepner
Benny Bartlett
Rick Vallin
Bennie Bartlett
John Bleifer
Woody Strode
Norma Varden
Al Eben
Frank Richards
Paul Maxey
William Ruhl
Cliff Clark
Joel Fluellen
Frank Orth
Charles Williams
Frank Jenks
Linda Bennett
Paul Marion
Paul Burke
Eric Snowden
William Boyett
Selmer Jackson
Owen McGiveney
George Chandler
William Newell
Mel Welles
Charles La Torre
Fritz Feld
Danny Beck
Lisa Wilson
Bernard Gorcey
Henry Kulky
Mary Treen
Rita Lynn
Richard Peel
Mel Wells
Riley Hill
Joe Gray
Jonathan Hale
Harry Tyler
Irving Mitchell
Vincent Perry
Charlie Lung
William Keene
Leon Burbank
Joseph Crehan
James Flavin
Lee Roberts
Ray Walker
David Hoffman
Paul Brinegar
Roy Glenn
Eddie Gribbon
Michael Ross
Dick Winslow
Ralph Gamble
Emil Sitka
Buddy Gorman
Robert Bice
Meyer Grace
Effie Laird
Robert Coogan
Leo "Ukie" Sherin
Bob Roark
Benny Burt
Pat Flaherty
Joey Ray
Edward Gargan
John Indrisano
Gene Stutenroth
Eddie Foster
Bob Peoples
John Close
Maynard Holmes
Pamela Light
Ann Griffith
Jett Norman
Lorelei Viter
Frank Marlowe
Dewey Robinson
Stanley Blystone
Pat Moran
George Barrows
Clegg Hoyt
Chad Mallory
Ed "Skipper" McNally
Jimmy Aubrey
Charles Coleman
H. Tommy Hart
Kenneth Lundy
Bob Barron
Perc Launders
Frank Hagney
Larry Rio
Herman Cantor
Alan Jeffory
Bob Cudlip
Kit Carson
Jack Carrington
William Vincent
Buddy Wright
Jack Wilson
Courtland Shepard
Dick Paxton
William Bailey
Paul Bradley
Sammy Finn
Buck Russell
Barbara Gray
Directors: Austen Jewell, George Blair, William Beaudine, Jean Yarbrough, Reginald Le Borg, Edward Bernds
Studio: Warner Archives
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 8/26/2014
Item #: 1322459X
UPC #: 888574015763
SKU #: D64080
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, Full Frame, Mono Sound
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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