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British Cinema Showcase: 6 Critically Acclaimed Films!
Format: DVD Genre: Drama, British-Drama
British Cinema Showcase: 6 Critically Acclaimed Films!

British Cinema Showcase: 6 Critically Acclaimed Films!

Format: DVD Genre: Drama, British-Drama
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Years after a freak storm during an outdoor concert splits them up, the members of a British rock band make plans for a reunion. "Still Crazy" (1998) stars Stephen Rea, Billy Connolly. Women in their 40s convene at an English cottage each week for rap sessions in which the winner of the most pathetic story wins chocolates. Their friendship is sent into a tizzy when one of them develops a "Crush" (2002) on a former student. Andie MacDowell, Imelda Staunton star. Friends meet to transport the ashes of deceased London butcher Michael Caine to Margate, reminiscing about him and their lives. "Last Orders" (2002) co-stars Ray Winstone, Helen Mirren. "Once Upon a Time in the Midlands" (2002) stars Robert Carlyle as a hood who watches ex-wife Shirley Henderson nix a marriage proposal by live-in boyfriend Rhys Ifans on a tabloid TV show. With Finn Atkins, Kathy Burke. "Young Adam" (2003) stars Ewan McGregor as a drifter who starts an affair with his new boss's wife. With Tilda Swinton, Peter Mullan. "Driving Lessons" (2006) concerns how the shy son of a vicar and a domineering Bible-thumper takes a job with an actress. Rupert Grint, Laura Linney star. 10 1/4 hrs. total on two discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
Michael Caine
Andie MacDowell
Stephen Rea
Robert Carlyle
Ewan McGregor
Rupert Grint
Rhys Ifans
Imelda Staunton
Billy Connolly
Tilda Swinton
Julie Walters
Bob Hoskins
Tom Courtenay
Laura Linney
Anna Chancellor
Peter Mullan
Kathy Burke
Jimmy Nail
Kenny Doughty
Emily Mortimer
Ricky Tomlinson
Nicholas Farrell
Timothy Spall
David Hemmings
Bill Nighy
Helen Mirren
Bill Paterson
Shirley Henderson
Jack McElhone
Tamsin Egerton
Caroline Holdaway
Therese Bradley
Finn Atkins
Michelle Duncan
Ray Winstone
Juliet Aubrey
Ewan Stewart
Jim Norton I
Joe Roberts
Vanessa Feltz
Helena Bergstrom
J.J. Feild
Anatol Yusef
Oliver Milburn
Stuart McQuarrie
Vicki Patterson
Bruce Robinson
Josh Cole
Hans Matheson
Gary Powell
Kelly Thresher
Pauline Turner
Cameron Fitch
Annabelle (Annabelle)
Christian Burgess
Andrew Shim
Rachael Stirling
Rose Keegan
Alan Cooke
Nolan Hemmings
Phil Daniels
Rupert Evans
Ryan Bruce
Kelly Reilly
Rory McCann
Morris Perry
Ian Hanmore
Anthony Strachan
Stephen McCole
Philip Davis
Richenda Carey
Chandra Ruegg
Frances Barber
Roger Booth
George Innes
David McKay
Andrew Neil
John Yule
Arnold Brown
Zoe Ball
James Cosmo
Derek Deadman
Jordan Young
Laura Morelli
Andrew Bicknell
Virginia Clay
Sally Hurst
Vic Reeves
Rita Davies
Meg Fraser
Stuart Bowman
Denise Black
Jeremy Gittins
Bob Mortimer
Luke Garrett
Surinder Duhra
Sue James
Sean McKenzie
Iain McColl
Richard Garfoot
Wullie Brennan
Timothy Walker
Louis Hammond
Meg Wynn Owen
Rony Bridges
Justin Brady
Rupert Penry Jones
Kitty Leigh
John Voce
Tony Nyland
John Kazek
Matthew Finney
Alex Palmer
Anthony Clarke
Alex Reid
Anthony Renshaw
Duncan McHardy
Stewart Porter
Ladene Hall
Tracey Murphy
Gavin Kennedy
Matilda Thorpe
Sara Rickman
Malcolm Shields
Claire Harman
Lee Williams
Shane Meadows
Paul Fraser
Andy Nichol
Tam Dean Burn
John Baker
Eve Rose Cooper
Emma Deigman
The London Metropolitan Orchestra
Michael Carter
Claire Nicholson
Francis Magee
Justin Gratton
Struan Rodger
Elizabeth Hurran
London Chamber Choir (London Chamber Choir)
Simon Oats
David Nicholls
James Williams
Delroy Atkinson
Patricia Valentine
Matthew Zajac
Mhairi Steenbock
James Vaughn
Julian Sims
Lois Winstone
Mark Feltham
Peter Baynham
John Commerford
John Barclay
Brian Osborne
Louise Gold
Margaret Blakemore
Joanna Bacon
Anne Marie Timeney
Ian Thomas
Lauren Stone
Gary Kettel
Teresa Lloyd
Candida Gubbins
Maureen Bennett
Alphonsia Emmanuel
Sandy Neilson
Alan Taylor
Kevin Sargent
Frank Ricotti
Rosie Scanlon Jones
Charlotte Atkinson
Desmond Hamilton
Mikayla Jones
Jason Green
Eddie Dahlstrom
Dani Foreman
Bea Sewell
Johnny Mcglynn
Christopher Wild
Dean Lennox Kelly
Barry Burns
Aislinn Sands
Mackenzie Crook
Johnny Quinn
Donna Air
Una McGlone
Richard Colburn
Ralph Van Dijk
Sabina Michael
Gregor Philp
John Somerville
Steve Ubels
Danny Webb
Caroline Barber
Alasdair Robertson
Anita Carey
Greg Lawson
David Henry
Daisy Donovan
Lisa Aferiat
Fiona Stephen
Bruce Byron
Robert Irvine
Jeffrey Harmer
Sheila Reid
Donald Gillan
Georgia Boyd
Leelo Ross
Brian Capron
Raymond MacDonald
Graeme Wilson
Luke D'Silva
Keith Edwards
Paul Carrick
Steve Nieve
Allon Beauvoisin
Bob Loveday
Stuart Brown
George Lyle
Directors: Adrian Sibley, Jeremy Brock, Brian Gibson, Fred Schepisi, John McKay, Shane Meadows, David MacKenzie
Studio: Mill Creek Ent
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 1/28/2014
Item #: 904800X
UPC #: 683904532213
SKU #: D24247
Attributes: 2 Pack
Product Type: DVD
Rating: R
Closed Caption: No

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