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Bruce Almighty (Family Friendly Version) (2003)
Format: DVD Genre: Comedy-Contemporary
Bruce Almighty (Family Friendly Version) Preview

Bruce Almighty (Family Friendly Version)

Format: DVD Genre: Comedy-Contemporary
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Railing against God after being passed over for a promotion, fed-up TV reporter Jim Carrey encounters the Big Guy Himself, who offers him the chance to run the universe for a while. Revelling in his newfound powers, Carrey sets himself up as a local media celebrity, but when the prayers start pouring in from people who expect results, he quickly realizes that being an omnipotent deity may not be all fun and games. Jennifer Aniston, Philip Baker Hall, and Morgan Freeman, as God, co-star. Edited for family viewing; 102 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English.
Philip Baker Hall
Jim Carrey
Jennifer Aniston
Morgan Freeman
Steven Carell
Philip B. Hall
Catherine Bell
Eddie Jemison
Paul Satterfield
Mark Kiely
Timothy Dipri
Brian Tahash
Adrian Neil
Albert P. Santos
Ben Livingston
David A. Clemons
Edward Jemison
Howard S. Lefstein
Jessica Mattson
Ken Rudulph
Laura Shay Griffin
Mark O'Keefe
Noel Guglielmi
Robert Curtis-Brown
Saida Rodriguez-Pagan
Steve Koren
Steve Oedekerk
Timothy Di Pri
Steve Carell
Lisa Ann Walter
Nora Dunn
Sally Kirkland
Tony Bennett
Lou Felder
Lillian Adams
Christopher Darga
Mark Adair Rios
Jack Jozefson
Mark Adair-Rios
Enrique Almeida
Noel Gugliemi
Rolando Molina
Emilio Rivera
Albert P Santos
Madeline Lovejoy
Jovan Allie
Koby Allie
Dan Desmond
Selma Stern
Alfred Dennis
Rina Fernandez
Robert Curtis Brown
Michael Brownlee
Ted Garcia
Maria Quiban
Shaun Robinson
Saida Pagan
Ken Rudolph
Gina St. John
Michael Villani
Christina Grandy
Jamison Yang
Bette Rae
Andrew Hateley
Nick Huff
Greg Collins
Dougald Park
Susan Ware
John Rosenfeld
Mary Pat Gleason
Carey Scott
David A Clemons
Bradley Stryker
Laura Carson
Zachary Aaron Krebs
Benjamin Livingston
Nelson Mashita
Glen Yrigoyen
Dohn Norwood
Michael Olifiers
David Carrera
Howard S Lefstein
Miah Won
Darcy Fowers
Laura-Shay Griffin
Darius Rose
Micayla Bowden
Samantha Boyarsky
Dylan Ferguson
Cubbie Kile
Emily Needham
Alex Villiers
Moe Daniels
Ara Celi
Jessica Leigh Mattson
Allison McCurdy
Patti O'Donnell
Janelle Perzina
Annie Wersching
Ashley Yegan
William Thomas Jr
Micah Williams
William Thomas
Tom Beyer
Max Grodenchik
Michael Bofshever
Colby French
Manny Suarez
Don Dowe
P. J. Byrne
Shashawnee Hall
Carrie Quinn Dolin
P.J. Byrne
Vanna Salviati
Scott DeFoe
The Hollywood Film Chorale
Edwin Hawkins
Joseph Mceveety
Nancy Gilmore
Tom Shadyac
Director: Tom Shadyac
Studio: Universal Mod
Release Date: 7/1/2014
Item #: 1254645X
UPC #: 025192124945
SKU #: D53331
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD
Rating: PG13
Closed Caption: No

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