Bunker of Blood Horror Highlights from Full Moon
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  • Bunker Of Blood 02: Deadly Dolls: Deepest Cuts , Karen Black

    • (2018)
    • Features: DVD
    • Starring: Karen Black
    • Studio: Full Moon Pictures
    • Genre: Horror
    • Release Date: 3/17/2020
    • Once more, we follow the mind-bending adventures of a nameless drifter with an impossibly high pain tolerance, who finds himself trapped in the lair of "The Gore Collector", a sadistic curator of... more
    List Price: $14.95
    Price: $12.71
    You Save: $2.24 (15%)
  • Bunker Of Blood 1: Puppet Master Blitzkrieg Massacre , William Hickey

    List Price: $14.95
    Price: $12.70
    You Save: $2.25 (15%)
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