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C.O.P.S.: The Complete Series + Digital
Format: DVD Genre: Television
C.O.P.S.: The Complete Series + Digital

C.O.P.S.: The Complete Series + Digital

Format: DVD Genre: Television
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C.O.P.S. - The Complete Series DVD

Fighting Crime in a Future Time

The year: 2020. The place: Empire City. The situation: Brandon Big Boss Babel, along with his gang of crooks, is holding the entire city under the palm of his iron hand and the Empire City Police Department can do nothing to stop him. As a last resort, Mayor Davis sends CyberCOP Baldwin P. Vess (Codename: Bulletproof) to take him down.

The concept is simple: collect the very best officers that the country has to offer and begin a campaign to eradicate organized crime. The members of C.O.P.S. are all extraordinary crimefighters -- each one a master of a special skill, each one dedicated to the cause of justice. Though the concept may be simple, the job isn't easy: The Big Boss and his gang are the roughest and most persistent bunch of criminals to challenge law and order in Empire City.

This DVD collection features all 65 episodes from this animated series based on the popular toy line from Hasbro®.

Disc 1

  • 1. The Case of The Stuck-Up Blimp
  • 2. The Case of The Crime Circus
  • 3. The Case of The Baffling Bugman
  • 4. The Case of Berserko s Big Surprise
  • 5. The Case of The Bogus Justice Machine
  • 6. The Case of The Prison Break-In
  • 7. The Case of The Pardner In Crime
  • 8. The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1 Part One
  • 9. The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1 Part Two
  • 10. The Case of The Blurbandits
  • Bonus Episode: Hey Vern, It s Ernest - Hey Vern It s Sports

Disc 2

  • 11. The Case of The Bulletproof Waldo
  • 12. The Case of The Blitz Attack
  • 13. The Case of The Baby Badguy
  • 14. The Case of The Thieving Robots
  • 15. The Case of The Highway Robbery
  • 16. The Case of The Crime Convention
  • 17. The Case of The Crook With a Thousand Faces
  • 18. The Case of The Super Shake Down
  • 19. The Case of The Criminal Mall
  • 20. The Case of The Big Bad Boxoids
  • 21. The Case of The Half Pint Hero

Disc 3

  • 22. The Case of The Brilliant Berserko
  • 23. The Case of The Big Frame Up
  • 24. The Case of The Sinister Spa
  • 25. The Case of The Cool Caveman
  • 26. The Case of The Wayward Whiz Kid
  • 27. The Case of The Stashed Cash
  • 28. The Big Boss Master Plan, Part One
  • 29. The Big Boss Master Plan, Part Two
  • 30. The Case of The Criminal Games
  • 31. The Case of The Iceberg Pirates

Disc 4

  • 33. The Case Of The Big Little Green Men
  • 34. The Case Of The Crook With A Conscience
  • 35. The Case Of Mace s Romance
  • 36. The Case Of The Boy Nobody Wanted
  • 37. The Case Of The Bogus Bride
  • 38. The Case Of The Visiting Mother
  • 39. The Case Of The Ghost Crooks
  • 40. The Case Of The Lying Lie Detector
  • 41. The Case Of The Disappearing Dough
  • 42. The Case Of Mukluk s Luck
  • 43. The Case Of The Baby Badguy s Return

Disc 5

  • 44. The Case Of The Rock And Roll Robbers
  • 45. The Case Of The Boy Who Cried Sea Monster
  • 46. The Case Of The Runaway Buzzbomb
  • 47. The Case Of The Missing Master Piece
  • 48. The Case Of The Lesser Of Two Weevils
  • 49. The Case Of Big Boss s Bye Bye
  • 50. The Case Of The Iron C.O.P.S. And Wooden Crooks
  • 51. The Case Of The Midas Touch
  • 52. The Case Of The Ready Room Mutiny
  • 53. The Case Of The High-Iron Hoods
  • 54. The Case Of The Kangaroo Caper

Disc 6

  • 55. The Case Of The Missing Memory
  • 56. The Case Of The Lowest Crime
  • 57. The Case Of The Crooked Contest
  • 58. The Case Of The Ransomed Rascal
  • 59. The Case Of The Spotless Kingpin
  • 60. The Case Of The Lawless Lady
  • 61. The Case Of The Lost Boss
  • 62. The Case Of The Bad Luck Burglar
  • 63. The Case Of The Big Boss s Big Switch
  • 64. The Case Of The Red Hot Hoodlum
  • 65. The Case Of The Invisible Crime
Studio: Mill Creek
Number of Discs: 5
Release Date: 1/1/2020
Item #: 1779728X
UPC #: 683904545558
Product Type: DVD

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