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Rough Roads
Format: DVD Genre: Jazz, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Rough Roads

Rough Roads

Format: DVD Genre: Jazz, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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ABOUT THE CAR MUSIC PROJECT The Car Music Project sounds like no other band. Their instruments each have their own unique tuning and playing characteristics. Their music has been described as 'somewhere on the fringe' and 'music from a parallel universe'... It sometimes drives and sometimes flutters, but it rarely pulls over to the curb and stops. Some pieces bore into your brain and force you to replay them over and over in your mind. Others paint pictures with sound, blending the gentle timbres of window glass with modulating metal springs and the sounds of bowed strings from the metal body of a gas tank. In 2007, the Car Music Project was invited to perform at Musikfest for the second time, and it's unique sound earned this cutting edge ensemble an invitation from Lincoln Center, to perform at the Lincoln Center Out of Doors festival. The 'Rough Roads DVD' will give you a peek at some of the behind-the-scenes workings of the Car Music Project. ----- HERE'S WHAT THE 'ROUGH ROADS DVD' INCLUDES: 'MARCH 25, 2006' In a 10-minute video called 'March 25, 2006,' the 'Rough Roads DVD' takes you inside the studio during the first recording session for the Car Music Project's as yet unfinished first CD. This was a session to lay down the basic rhythm tracks for five songs. Although these basic rhythm tracks required only two instruments, bandleader and composer Bill Milbrodt insisted on recording the full band to create a live feel. 3 ROUGH MIXES FOR YOU TO PREVIEW The 'Rough Roads DVD' gives you rough mixes of three songs from that March 25th session, all in DVD format (also see '3 Bonus Files', below). 'MUSIC FROM A PARALLEL UNIVERSE' This 8-minute documentary, created for the Car Music Project's press kit and web site is also included. Inlike the web version, this DVD version is FULL QUALITY video, giving you a look at the band's live performance at the 2005 Philadelphia Live Arts & Fringe Festival. Interview highlights are also included. 'MUSIK AUS EINEM PARALLELUNIVERSUM' Included just for fun, this is the German language version of 'Music from a Parallel Universe.' PLUS 3 BONUS MP3 FILES! ----- HOW IT STARTED It began when composer Bill Milbrodt's car reached the end of it's road. After close to 200,000 miles and a history of little care, Milbrodt decided it was time to turn the car into music... So he hired some mechanics, a metal sculptor, musicians, and others to turn the car into a series of playable musical instruments. A metal musical menagerie emerged, combining 'purebred' instruments made completely out of car parts and 'hybrids', made out of car parts and musical instrument parts. In early 2005 Milbrodt pulled an ensemble together: The eclectic Wilbo Wright, master of improvisation, took on the Tank Bass, after touring with Ui and performing with the likes of Chris Harford and Marc Ribot. The meticulous William Trigg brought his virtuosity to bear on the Percarsion, with vast experience honed with the New York Philharmonic, Philip Glass, and John Cage. The subdued James Spotto tamed the Strutbone and Exhaustaphone after a stretch with his own quintet, 'Proper James.' And the ebullient Dave Homan partnered with the Convertibles and Tube Flutes after stints with Otis Rush and his own Afro-Cuban quintet. Milbrodt himself, composer and bandleader, took on the Air Guitar after a career as a producer, composer, and sound designer for commercial projects.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 8/15/2006
Item #: SRD936626
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Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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