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Vivo Per la Tua Morte (I Live for Your Death) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
Vivo Per la Tua Morte (I Live for Your Death) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Vivo Per la Tua Morte (I Live for Your Death) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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Digitmovies presents the complete OST of "Vivo per la tua morte" (Aka "A long ride from hell") directed in 1968 by Alex Burks (real name Camillo Buzzoni) and starring Steve Reeves, also scenario writer and producer, the mythic Hercules of the big screen, here in the only western movie as a main actor and also the last movie of his acting career. The music score is written by the noted Carlo Savina (Turin, 1919 - Rome, 2002), one of the most famous orchestra conductors for the Cinema (he has conducted music for Nino Rota, Mario Nascimbene, Philippe Sarde and Miklos Rozsa) and also author of many soundtracks for Cinema and Tv. "Vivo per la tua morte" is issued for the first absolute time in complete form derived from the mono master tapes kept in the RCA vaults. Only two tracks (here Tr.1 & Tr.18) were already issued in 1970 (with alternate title) on the promotional compilation "Savina's Western" (LP: BAM BLP 105), but the orchestral score sees the light of the day only now. The movie and our CD open with the theme song "Go west young men" performed by the voice of Don Powell accompanied by Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni. This lively theme is reprised by Savina with an epic version, performed by French horns and orchestra (Tr.1, Tr.3, Tr.12) and the Peplum sound atmosphere, due the fact Steve "Hercules" Reeves is the protagonist is not at all casual. This OST of M° Savina has all the elements typical of the genre: suspense given by bass guitar, organ and brass with the orchestra performance (Tr.4, Tr.7, Tr.8, Tr.9, Tr.11, Tr.16), a delicate and nostalgic love theme (Tr.13), Lounge style western music (Tr.6, Tr.14), saloon music (Tr.15). Due the short length of this OST (36:23) in our CD (total length 69:02) we wanted to add as supplementary material the complete OST by Carlo Savina from the Italian-Spanish co-production distributed in Spain by MGM "Il misterioso Signor Van Eyck" (aka "El misterioso señor Van Eyck") directed in 1965 by Agustín Navarro and starring Espartaco Santoni, Teresa Velázquez, Massimo Girotti and Franco Fabrizi. This adventure movie tells about a group of people searching for a treasury sunk with the body of mysterious Charles Van Eyck, killed during a fight on a yacht by one of the sailors. The exotic location is exalted by the music themes by Carlo Savina, whose score is based on a recurrent, epic and adventurous main theme for organ and orchestra that recalls a little of the western atmosphere (so the coupling of the two scores here is right) and that we find in Tr.19, Tr.20, Tr.22, Tr.24, Tr.26 and the reprise with French horns in Tr.23, Tr.32. The efforts to rescue the treasury in the deep of the sea are scored with fascinating musical sequences with magic and suspended colours given by instruments like harp, vibe, organ, celesta (Tr.21, Tr.25, Tr.27, Tr.29, Tr, 30). And in order to remain in this vein... two other rescued treasures of the Italian Silver Age.
Artist(s): Various Artists
Label: Digitmovies
Release Date: 4/26/2013
Item #: 331769X
UPC #: 8032628991158
Product Type: CD
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