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Chemistry: Advanced Stoichiometry
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Educational
Chemistry: Advanced Stoichiometry

Chemistry: Advanced Stoichiometry

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Educational
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Chemistry - the Complete Course Series, teaches students quantitative reasoning to solve chemistry problems. The 30 volume series covers all aspects of Chemistry from density to the mole, to molarity, stoichiometry and equilibrium. It demonstrates how to ask meaningful questions and conduct careful investigations to build knowledge of chemical and physical concepts and develop the skills to solve mathematical and scientific problems. In many chemical reactions, one of the reactants is completely consumed, or only partially consumed, so that some remains when the reaction is over. The coefficients in the balanced chemical equation provide a "recipe" for the reaction, telling US the proper ratio to mix the reactants so that there are no reactants remaining when the reaction is finished. This volume teaches an analogy can be drawn between recipes used in cooking and the "recipe" for a chemical reaction. In solving limiting reagent problems, you must first determine which reactant is the limiting reagent. Three terms often used in chemistry are the theoretical, the actual and the percent yield in a reaction.
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Release Date: 1/1/2007
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