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Chemistry: Solubility Equilibria
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Educational
Chemistry: Solubility Equilibria

Chemistry: Solubility Equilibria

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Educational
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Chemistry - the Complete Course Series, teaches students quantitative reasoning to solve chemistry problems. The 30 volume series covers all aspects of Chemistry from density to the mole, to molarity, stoichiometry and equilibrium. It demonstrates how to ask meaningful questions and conduct careful investigations to build knowledge of chemical and physical concepts and develop the skills to solve mathematical and scientific problems. The term "solubility equilibria" refers to the kind of equilibria that exist in saturated solutions of slightly soluble ionic solids. In this program several problems relating to the solubility and the solubility product of various ionic solids are presented and solved. This volume teaches a classic example is the equilibrium in a saturated solution of Silver Chloride, AgC1. The term "solubility" refers to how much of a substance can be dissolved in a liter of solution, i.e., the molarity of a saturated solution. The term "solubility product" refers to the numerical value of the equilibrium constant for the equation that represents the substance dissolving in water.
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Release Date: 1/1/2007
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