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Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Vol. 1 And 2
Format: DVD Genre: Family-Disney, Animation - Childrens
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Vol. 1 And 2

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Vol. 1 And 2

Format: DVD Genre: Family-Disney, Animation - Childrens
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Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Vol. 1 And 2 - WITH TWENTY-SEVEN EPISODES in Volume One AND TWENTY-FOUR EPISODES in Volume Two.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: Volume 1 DVD


1. "Catteries Not Included" (22:43) (Originally aired March 6, 1989)

The search for a missing kitten named Spunky leads the gang to an underground operation where robotic dogs are terrorizing dark alleys and kidnapping cats for Professor Nimnul.

2. "Three Men and a Booby" (22:44) (Originally aired April 30, 1989)

A grocery store visit brings the gang face to face with a distressed purple booby (that's a bird), who's desperately trying to find her baby egg. The trail takes the Rescue Rangers to a grouchy little man named Mr. Humpty.

3. "The Carpetsnaggers" (22:46) (Originally aired May 7, 1989)

Flying carpets alone are responsible for countless burglaries in the neighborhood. Chip 'n Dale find Ali Bimbo, the man selling them, isn't quite as Arabian as he looks.

4. "Piratsy Under the Seas" (22:40) (Originally aired March 5, 1989)

Dale's disregard for tidiness leaves him in the back of a garbage truck. When the rest of the gang attempts to rescue him, they wind up afloat on a junk barge. Not long after, they encounter a band of pirates in possession of a tidy treasure.

5. "Adventures in Squirrelsitting" (22:45) (Originally aired April 9, 1989)

In pursuit of Fat Cat and the legendary Maltese Mouse, Chip and Dale wreck the treehouse of a squirrel family. To make up for it, they agree to babysit the two squirrel children while their mother takes care of the place. Teenaged Tammy's unrequited crush for Chip has her running off to the city, throwing the Rescue Rangers among Fat Cat's crowd and forcing Chip and Dale to perform in drag!

6. "Flash the Wonder Dog" (22:44) (Originally aired March 19, 1989)

To bring down beloved television star Flash the Wonder Dog,

Fat Cat and his henchmen dress up in his costume and perform random acts of badness. Soon, the town is buzzing with bad vibes for Flash and the studio is replacing the canine with his cockatoo sidekick. Meanwhile, Dale gets a sobering meeting with his TV hero.

7. "Pound of the Baskervilles" (22:39) (Originally aired April 16, 1989)

The Rescue Rangers become involved in a bit of domestic drama when they encounter Roger Baskerville, a snooty mansion resident who wants nothing to do with his brother and his sheepdog, the rightful owners of the estate. Every turn seems to remind Chip of the literary adventures of the crafty detective Sureluck Jones and he uses his knowledge to try to outwit Baskerville and save the sheepdog.

8. "Parental Discretion Retired" (22:49) (Originally aired May 21, 1989)

Monterey Jack's world-traveling father Cheddarhead Charlie stops by and helps the Rescue Rangers as they try to figure out a dining oddity at a seafood joint. Their trail leads them to Fat Cat and another evil plan.

9. "Risky Beesness" (22:44) (Originally aired April 23, 1989)

A queen bee is quite perturbed when her entire swarm simply disappears. An enchanted Zipper and the rest of the Rescue Rangers are her only hope, and they track the bees down to an extermination company worker with dreams of rocking and rolling.


10. "Bearing Up Baby" (22:42) (Originally aired May 14, 1989)

The Rescue Rangers go vacationing in the woods. A little boy named Jeremy ditches his parents and befriends "fuzzies" small (the Rescue Rangers) and big (playful brown bear Humphrey) alike. His father isn't quite as charmed by the boy's new pal and leads a search party to hunt the large bear.

11. "Out to Launch" (22:46) (Originally aired March 26, 1989)

The Rescue Rangers' exploration of a space station leads to big time adventure when Chip and Dale get launched into orbit while inside an astronaut suit. Soon, they get a first-hand look at outer space when they fall out of the shuttle.

12. "Dale Beside Himself" (22:48) (Originally aired March 12, 1989)

An Earth-loving, shape-shifting alien makes himself look exactly like Dale. Having a powerful clone makes everyday tasks easier for the goofy chipmunk, but the aliens wears out his welcome when he tries to replace Dale.

13. "Kiwi's Big Adventure" (22:46) (Originally aired April 2, 1989)

The kiwis, a tribe of primitive birds, steal the Rescue Rangers' plane but can't figure out how it works. The Rangers' attempts to retrieve the plane include a little jealousy and a lot of coddling when Dale "stubs his toe" and Gadget nurses him to an extreme.

14. "A Lad in a Lamp" (22:45) (Originally aired October 3, 1989)

Monterey Jack happens upon Aladdin's magic lamp, but his newfound power irritates his friends and his third wish leaves him at the genie bound to serving the lamp's new masters: Fat Cat and his cronies.

15. "Battle of the Bulge" (22:40) (Originally aired October 9, 1989)

After his appetite nearly gets him caught, Monterey Jack vows to diet and exercise. Meanwhile, the Rangers trace a series of heists marked by seedy remains back to Fat Cat and his new hired help, a trio of Jamaican fruit bats.

16. "Ghost of a Chance" (22:38) (Originally aired October 10, 1989)

Fat Cat and his henchmen plan to steal the crown jewels of England, but the Rescue Rangers are there to try to stop them.

While in the Tower of London, Monterey Jack discovers his brave ancestor Sir Colby was really a coward -- the mouse's ghost is no different and, suddenly, neither is Monty himself.

17. "An Elephant Never Suspects" (22:42) (Originally aired October 11, 1989)

The Rescue Rangers' day at the zoo ends with them picking up the case of the missing peanuts. After widespread interrogations, though, Chip and Dale are the prime suspects with the perturbed elephants and monkeys. But might the suspicious behavior of a couple of homesick Asian pandas be a lead?

18. "A Case of Stage Blight" (22:48) (Originally aired October 16, 1989)

The Rescue Rangers go out for a night at the movies, only it turns out to be a night at the opera, which turns out to be a chance for gang to live up to their name when they encounter Sewernose de Bergerac, an envy-filled crocodile with a penchant for hand puppets. When the croc tries to sabotage the stage, the Rangers respond in appropriately theatrical fashion.


19. "The Luck Stops Here" (22:41) (Originally aired October 6, 1989)

Gadget falls into the possession of Clyde Cosgrove, a highly superstitious inventor who decides that the lavender-clad mouse is his new good luck charm. Gadget must overcome Cosgrove's vengeful cat and the

nutty experimenter's high stress efforts to make a splash at a quickly approaching kitchen appliance convention.

20. "Fake Me To Your Leader" (22:42) (Originally aired October 12, 1989)

Feeling small and helpless, Zipper's self-confidence gets a boost when he is inadvertently among a group of pill bugs that Professor Nimnul zaps with his Gigantico Ray gun. While Nimnul uses the now-enormous pill bugs to convince mankind that demanding aliens in search of gold are among them, the bigger and buffer Zipper wows his fellow Rescue Rangers and tries to thwart the Professor's plans.

21. "Last Train to Cashville" (22:40) (Originally aired October 13, 1989)

A young boy's missing toy train doesn't warrant much attention from the police, but it does garner the Rescue Rangers' efforts. They discover the train is part of a bank-robbing scheme concocted by . . . Fat Cat, who else?

22. "The Case of the Cola Cult" (22:51) (Originally aired October 17, 1989)

Fate brings the Rescue Rangers into contact with the Cola Cult, a group of rodents who worship a bright, catchy, musical commercial for Koo-Koo Cola and christen themselves with fruit soda of the same brand. When Gadget experiences some problems, she considers turning to them, until she learns the truth about one of their leaders. Not only is this likely the weirdest "Rescue Rangers" episode ever made, it could be the strangest half-hour of animation ever. That puts it in the same league as the giant crossover anti-drug special "Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue." Good luck getting that Koo-Koo Cola jingle out of your head.

23. "Throw Mummy From the Train" (22:46) (Originally aired October 18, 1989)

The short, bearded, and greedy archaeologist Dr. Wexler steals a jeweled ring from King Nut-Ahn-Kahmen's tomb expecting diamonds. This theft sets the Egyptian tomb's guardian mummy Hiram off to retrieve the ring, which winds up wrapped around Dale's midsection. The Rescue Rangers and mummy work together to prevent Wexler from getting away with the jewel, which is really a favor since it brings demons, not diamonds.

24. "A Wolf in Cheap Clothing" (22:42) (Originally aired October 19, 1989)

Both the police and the Rescue Rangers investigate a series of beastly robberies. Naturally, the Rescue Rangers figure things out first. Their sleuth work brings them to Harry, a wolf at the zoo who has been disappearing at nighttime when the crimes are being reported and waking up with no memory of his antics. It turns out Harry has been behaving like a wolfwere and the real evil genius behind the transformations is Professor Nimnul.

25. "Prehysterical Pet" (22:38) (Originally aired November 3, 1989)

Dale makes friends with what he thinks is a baby dinosaur, which he names Steggy and declares his pet. Actually, Steggy is an intelligent life form from another planet who is looking for his ancestors who were lost on Earth. When he starts growing in size and dumbness, neither he nor the Rescue Rangers know why.

26. "Robocat" (22:44) (Originally aired October 20, 1989)

Using Dale's video game, Gadget reprograms a robotic cat found in a junk pile to be friendly, much to Chip's skepticism. The Rescue Rangers lose sight of their feline pal (who is named Tom) and the next time they see him, he's filled with hate, thanks to Professor Nimnul. Caught in his path are an effeminate wigged man, his son, and their wisecracking dog.

27. "Does Pavlov Ring a Bell?" (22:49) (Originally aired November 2, 1989)

Chip and Dale get a bit jealous when Gadget takes a liking to an absent-minded lab rat named Sparky. The electrifying fellow has problems of his own; he works for Professor Nimnul and is being brainwashed to rob a bank with the help of two guinea pigs - one real, one robotic.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: Volume 2 DVD


1. "Rescue Rangers to the Rescue - Part One" (22:54) (Originally aired September 11, 1989)

Chip and Dale find themselves in the middle of a messy crime in which their police friends are falsely accused. Using the tricks they've learned from careful study of police-work, it's up to them to ensure justice and retrieve a stolen ruby from Fat Cat

2. "Rescue Rangers to the Rescue - Part Two" (23:29) (Originally aired September 12, 1989)

While chasing Fat Cat and his crew, Chip and Dale meet Monterey Jack and Zipper, a mouse and fly with whom they quarrel until Fat Cat makes a target of all four of them.

3. "Rescue Rangers to the Rescue - Part Three" (23:31) (Originally aired September 13, 1989)

When Chip and Dale need to take to the skies, Monterey takes them to the Hackwrench home, where the gang meets Gadget.

4. "Rescue Rangers to the Rescue - Part Four" (23:35) (Originally aired September 14, 1989)

With all five crime-fighters together at last, the pursuit of Fat Cat and his evil owner, Claudaine, kicks into high gear. Meanwhile, Professor Nimnul makes things more complicated for the gang, who are forced to battle the elements.

5. "Rescue Rangers to the Rescue - Part Five" (23:25) (Originally aired September 15, 1989)

In the final chapter of the five-part saga, the newly-formed Rescue Rangers uncover Claudaine and Nimnul's plot: a giant earthquake to send the city's riches to their cave below.

6. "A Creep in the Deep" (22:48) (Originally aired November 13, 1989)

In this 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-themed episode, the notorious fish captain Finn attempts to reclaim the oceans from humanity.

7. "Normie's Science Project" (22:54) (Originally aired November 14, 1989)

Corrupting even the young, Professor Nimnul wreaks havoc at the elementary school when he gives his nephew a terrorizing science fair project.

8. "Seer No Evil" (22:41) (Originally aired November 15, 1989)

The Rescue Rangers visit a fortune-teller, who predicts a series of mishaps for the gang, all of which seem to come true. This especially worries Chip, whose foreseen life expectancy is rather grim.


9. "Chipwrecked Shipmunks" (22:48) (Originally aired November 16, 1989)

Stranded on a deserted island, the Rangers run into the PiRats, whose own search for gold tempts Monty and Dale.

10. "When Mice Were Men" (22:41) (Originally aired November 17, 1989)

An old foe of Monty's -- El Emenopio the bull -- is terrorizing a town and the Rangers are summoned to stop his tirade.

11. "Chocolate Chips" (22:45) (Originally aired November 20, 1989)

In a plot not unlike that of The Proud Family Movie, an evil candy man enslaves an island's population to his business endeavors and even the Rangers fall prey.

12. "The Last Leprechaun" (22:43) (Originally aired November 21, 1989)

The Rangers try to catch themselves a leprechaun but end up captured themselves instead.

13. "Weather Or Not" (22:45) (Originally aired November 22, 1989)

Professor Nimnul uses his new weather machine invention to ease his robberies with foul weather.

14. "One-Upsman-Chip" (22:51) (Originally aired November 23, 1989)

Chip and Dale rival one another in a war of pranks but when Chip and the rest of the Rangers take one too far, Dale ends up in the hands of Fat Cat.

15. "Shell Shocked" (22:49) (Originally aired November 24, 1989)

Just when the Rangers think they're getting a long-awaited vacation together, a group of shell-less crabs enlist their help in solving a coastal crime.

16. "Love Is A Many Splintered Thing" (22:48) (Originally aired December 18, 1989)

Monterey's once-betrothed returns and drives a wedge between him and the Rescue Rangers.


17. "Song of the Night 'N' Dale" (22:50) (Originally aired December 19, 1989)

The Rangers take a ride on a jet stream and end up on an environmental mission in the Himalayas.

18. "Double 'O' Chipmunks" (22:47) (Originally aired December 20, 1989)

Dale's fascination with Bond-like secret agents gets him tangled up in a real-life mission.

19. "Gadget Goes Hawaiian" (22:50) (Originally aired December 21, 1989)

In Hawaii, the Rangers find themselves mixed up in the initiation of a new queen who happens to look just like Gadget. The queen-to-be tricks Gadget into taking her place in some dangerous royal hazing.

20. "It's A Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale!" (22:49) (Originally aired December 22, 1989)

Dale inherits superpowers and masquerades as a hero separate from the Rescue Rangers.

21. "Short Order Crooks" (22:45) (Originally aired February 5, 1990)

Monterey' and Zipper are in the spotlight as they visit a restaurant and uncover a culinary crime plot.

22. "Mind Your Cheese and Q's" (22:40) (Originally aired February 6, 1990)

Monty's worst nightmare comes true when cheese everywhere goes missing. Detecting something suspicious, the Rangers set out to find the missing cheese.

23. "Out of Scale" (22:50) (Originally aired February 8, 1990)

Professor Nimnul uses his ray gun to shrink his kids landmarks and buildings.

24. "Dirty Rotten Diapers" (22:54) (Originally aired February 19, 1990)

Gadget is distressed by the Rangers' aggression and announces a plan for kinder and gentler crime fighting.

Studio: Disney
Number of Discs: 6
Release Date: 5/7/2019
Item #: 2151072X
UPC #: 786936863765
Attributes: Boxed Set, Dolby, Subtitled, Mono Sound
Product Type: DVD
Rating: TVG
Subtitles: ENG

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