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Choices We Make (2018)
Format: DVD Genre: Drama
Choices We Make

Choices We Make

Format: DVD Genre: Drama
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This is a story of love, emotions, forgiveness, betrayal, revenge which tells the story of a young handsome intelligent guy named Jeff who can only be compared to the Ramsey Noah of Nollywood. Jeff (Montana Peters) being a young guy with cash, he had the ability to get any girl of his choice to oil his bed but when the time came for Jeff to settle down, he was faced with the problem of choice as to who to marry between Regina, Tina, and Diana. Jeff resorted to the option of involving Ella (Tande Delphine) who had to fly in from the States to make things easier for Jeff. The story opens when Regina (Elodie Tarh) walks into Jeff's room and meets Ella stag naked On Jeff's bed. Regina 'who are you and what are you doing on this bed?' Ella" what does it look like?' Regina "before I go to the sitting room and come Back here make sure you disappear through the walls" while Jeff is half-naked in the sitting room watching TV, In the scene that follows Tina visits Jeff and meets Ella preparing food for Jeff as she could hear her from the living room calling Jeff "Bebe Jeff " Tina got mad of course because she came for the money (3million fcfa) she collected what she came for and left. On one faithful morning, Jeff and Ella decided to visit Regina and tell her everything she saw was a setup but as faith will have it behold Regina walked in before Jeff and Ella could leave the house. Jeff as he saw Regina walks in Jeff's 'baby you are here' Regina ' don't even think about it, I came to collect my things". To cut the long story short it turned out that Ella is Jeff's cousin who happened to be the brain behind all the happenings. Jeff got Regina engaged on the spot and they got married weeks later. I know you think the story ended there but sorry they are someone who we still need to find out
Studio: Shami Productions
Release Date: 2/11/2020
Item #: 2248935X
UPC #: 760137313199
Product Type: DVD

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