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Classic Western Round-Up: Volume 2
Format: DVD Genre: Westerns
Classic Western Round-Up: Volume 2

Classic Western Round-Up: Volume 2

Format: DVD Genre: Westerns
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Prairie fires, snowstorms, hostile Indians, and a gun-smuggling Joan Bennett are just some of the problems trail boss Randolph Scott has to cope with on a 10,000-head cattle drive to Kansas, in "The Texans" (1938). With May Robson, Robert Cummings, Walter Brennan. Barbara Stanwyck is a gambling queen with a shady past who joins forces with an Army deserter and an old-time miner to face off against a powerful land baron, in "California" (1947). Ray Milland, Barry Fitzgerald also star. Then, Audie Murphy is a gunman who is wrongly accused of helping the Dalton gang in a train robbery--then joins them for real, in "The Cimarron Kid" (1952). With Beverly Tyler, James Best. Finally, Glenn Ford stars as "The Man from the Alamo" (1953), branded a coward for his actions at the doomed fortress, Ford must fight to prove himself during the Mexican War. Julia Adams, Victor Jory, Hugh O'Brian co-star. 6 hrs. total on two discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English (SDH), French; theatrical trailers.
Glenn Ford
Audie Murphy
Ray Milland
Julia Adams
Beverly Tyler
Barbara Stanwyck
Randolph Scott
James Best
Barry Fitzgerald
Chill Wills
George Coulouris
Yvette Dugay
John Hudson
Albert Dekker
Victor Jory
Anthony Quinn
Neville Brand
Hugh O'Brian
John Day
Frank Faylen
Roy Roberts
Myra Marsh
Gavin Muir
David Wolfe
Noah Beery Jr.
Jeanne Cooper
James Burke
Eduardo Ciannelli
Leif Erickson
Mark Cavell
Clarence Wilson
Roman Bohnen
John Hubbard
Edward Norris
Argentina Brunetti
Frank Silvera
Guy Williams
Jack Moore
George Eldredge
Chris Martin
William Reynolds
Howard Freeman
Richard Garland
Anna Demetrio
Julia Faye
Crane Whitley
Palmer Lee
Richard Tucker
Scoop Martin
Rand Brooks
Ed Gargan
Joey Ray
Otis Harlan
Fred Coby
John Bromfield
Frances Morris
Robert Hoy
Frank Ferguson
Spencer Charters
Harry Harvey
Minerva Urecal
Archie Twitchell
Emile Avery
Virginia Farmer
John Phillips
William Haade
Eddie Dew
Irving Bacon
Jack Ingram
Carl Andre
LeRoy Edwards
William Davidson
Sam Flint
Wheaton Chambers
Stanley Andrews
Richard Denning
Tim Graham
Helen Gibson
Polly Burson
Rory Mallinson
Frank Cordell
Don Beddoe
John Eckert
Harry Hayden
Tom Hubbard
Dennis Weaver
Slim Hightower
Ian Wolfe
Stuart Whitman
Phil Tead
Slim Talbot
Jack Baxley
Alberto Morin
Suzette Harbin
Trevor Bardette
Kathryn Sheldon
James Kilgannon
Paul Weber
Walter Reed
Edward Brady
Howard Negley
Gertrude Hoffman
Carl Harbaugh
George McDonald
Stuart Randall
Joe Bailey
Dutch Hendrian
Forbes Murray
Arthur Space
Gary Armstrong
Ethan Laidlaw
Ernie Adams
Edward LeSaint
Philo McCullough
John McKee
Eddie Parker
Chuck Hamilton
Oscar Smith
Charles Delaney
Harry Woods
Frank Wilcox
Al Bridge
Vera Steadman
Robert Carson
Richard Farmer
Bud Geary
Charles Sherlock
Dick Wessel
Raymond Bond
Tom Fadden
Hugh Prosser
Wheeler Oakman
Guy Wilkerson
Jack Perrin
Dick Cutting
Monte Montague
Ed Randolph
Brick Sullivan
Everett Brown
Margaret McWade
Rex Lease
Phil Chambers
Jack Davidson
James Kelso
Clem Fuller
Frank Hagney
George Magrill
Edwin Parker
Philip Morris
Harte Wayne
Pepito Perez
Wesley Hopper
James Burtis
Roy Butler
Esther Howard
Lester Dorr
Al Ferguson
Pat West
Felice Richmond
Robert R. Stephenson
John Qualen
Frank Ellis
Phil Dunham
Harry Holman
Walter Lawrence
Philip Van Zandt
Lon Poff
James T. Mack
Harry Cording
George Anderson
Joe Bernard
Helaine Moler
Stanley Blystone
James Davies
George Lloyd
Jack Clifford
Joe Whitehead
Perc Launders
Joe Gilbert
Lee Phelps
Jimmie Dundee
Jesse Graves
Kernan Cripps
Clancy Cooper
Si Jenks
Louis Mason
George Barton
Darby Jones
Will Wright
Tony Paton
George Melford
Len Hendry
Tom Chatterton
Dave Kashner
Martin Garralaga
Pedro Regas
Betty Farrington
John Sheehan
Eddy Chandler
Ralph Dunn
Lane Chandler
Russ Clark
Jeff Corey
William Hall
Tristram Coffin
Directors: John Farrow, James P. Hogan, Budd Boetticher
Studio: Universal Studios
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 5/8/2007
Item #: MCA033116
UPC #: 025193311627
SKU #: D69752
Attributes: Gift Set, Full Frame, Subtitled, Dolby
Product Type: DVD
Rating: UNR
Subtitles: ENG, FRE
Closed Caption: Yes

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