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Joy of Being
Format: DVD Genre: New Age, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Joy of Being

Joy of Being

Format: DVD Genre: New Age, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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The Joy Of Being album has 3 amazing tracks: 1) Beach - Sit in Bliss Find Your Inner Peace: Relax, Balance and Recharge When you feel the tension building, take a timeout, a meditation break to quiet your mind to relax and find inner peace. 2) Forest - You are not Alone Feel the Power of Oneness, the Power of the Team, the Power of Interdependence You are unsure about the challenge ahead; take a meditation break to provide the confidence you need to move forward without hesitation. Also, when you feel disconnected use it to connect to others recognizing that you are stronger and more effective together... as one. 3) River - Free at Last Find the Answers; Remove all Obstacles to Freedom and Creativity: Open, Flow and Create You just can't seem to find the right words, nothing is flowing, you are blocked, take a meditation break to remove the blocks allowing creativity to flow. Use at home with the kids, at work, in the hotel, on the plane or train! The co-creator and vocal artist is Colette Baron-Reid, who is an internationally acclaimed author and intuitive counselor with a client base spanning 29 countries. In addition to facilitating hundreds of popular seminars and workshops, she is a highly sought-after and powerful motivational speaker, author, performer, and storyteller, and a regular guest on radio and television throughout the world. Colette is also a musical artist signed to the EMI music label with two top-selling albums and a best-selling meditation CD. The Executive Producers are Deenah Mollin and Shirley Moulton.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 8/28/2007
Item #: 139492X
UPC #: 616892903420
Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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