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Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics IV
Format: DVD Genre: Mystery / Suspense, Suspense-Film Noir
Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics IV

Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics IV

Format: DVD Genre: Mystery / Suspense, Suspense-Film Noir
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While on a rural vacation, Paris police detective Steven Geray finds himself falling for his hotelier's young daughter (Micheline Cheirel). When the woman and her ex-fiancé turn up murdered, the cop's quest for the killer takes uncanny turns, in "So Dark the Night" (1946). Dick Powell stars as casino manager "Johnny O'Clock" (1947), whose tenuous partnership with gangster Thomas Gomez starts fraying amongst a raft of double-crosses and murders. Evelyn Keyes, Ellen Drew co-star. FBI agent Dennis O'Keefe and Scotland Yard inspector Louis Hayward have to pool their resources to stem the theft of atomic secrets from a Southern California facility in "Walk a Crooked Mile" (1948). Louise Albritton, Onslow Stevens co-star. Patrol car partners Edmond O'Brien and Mark Stevens are faced with peril at the hands of vengeful hood Donald Buka in the police procedural "Between Midnight and Dawn" (1950). Gale Storm, Roland Winters co-star. G-man George Murphy must bring down a Boston-based sleeper cell before they kidnap refugee scientist Finlay Currie in the Red Menace opus "Walk East on Beacon!" (1952). 7 hrs. total on five discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.
Steven Geray
Dick Powell
Louis Hayward
George Murphy
Mark Stevens
Evelyn Keyes
Dennis O'Keefe
Edmond O'Brien
Finlay Currie
Micheline Cheirel
Virginia Gilmore
Louise Albritton
Eugene Borden
Lee J. Cobb
Gale Storm
Ellen Drew
Karel Stepanek
Ann Codee
Carl Esmond
Donald Buka
Gale Robbins
Nina Foch
Onslow Stevens
Louisa Horton
Egon Brecher
Helen Freeman
Peter Capell
Raymond Burr
Anthony Ross
S. Thomas Gomez
Bruno Wick
Theodore Gottlieb
John Kellogg
Art Baker
Roland Winters
Jim Bannon
Jack Manning
Lowell Gilmore
Tito Vuolo
Gregory Gay
Mabel Paige
Grazia Narciso
Jean del Val
Karl Weber
Rev. Robert
Madge Blake
Charles Evans
Paul Marion
Phil Brown
Jeff Chandler
Emil Rameau
Lora Lee Michel
Frank Ferguson
Vilma Kurer
Reed Hadley
Louis Mercier
Jack Del Rio
Michael Garrett
Kit Guard
Jimmy Lloyd
Philip Van Zandt
Billy Snyder
Lotte Palfi
Charles Mueller
Allen Mathews
Cliff Bailey
Frank Arnold
Bert Davidson
Ernest Graves
Virginia Farmer
Adrienne D'Ambricourt
Paul Bryar
Robert Carroll
Tony Barr
Paul Andor
Marcelle Corday
Pat Lane
Peter Mamakos
Howard J. Negley
Earl Breitbard
Crane Whitley
Alphonse Martel
Bob Ryan
George Roy Hill
Bradford Hatton
Andre Marsaudon
Wheaton Chambers
Grandon Rhodes
Jesse Graves
Rosemary Pettit
Keith Richards
Matty Fain
Francine Bordeaux
Lee Fredericks
Esther Zeitlin
Eva Condon
Cy Malis
James Brown
Tamara Shayne
Steve Mitchell
Bob Perry
Ted Jordan
Cynthia Gaylord
Cy Schindell
Douglas Evans
Ann Thomas
Charles Perry
Nancy Heyl
Don Kohler
Suzanne Moulton
Harry Lauter
Sam Shack
Robert Bice
John Farrell
Charles St. George
Gaylord Pendleton
Gene Delmont
Ralph Volkie
Janet Fay
Mary Ellen Kay
Brooks Benedict
Bill Wallace
Richard Karlan
Jeffrey Sayre
John Butler
Paul Bradley
Myron Healey
Ruth Warren
Richard Gordon
Jack Smith
Eric Mack
Fred Beecher
Marc Krah
Dudley Dickerson
Ralph Freedman
Paul Baxley
Thomas H. O'Neil
Joe Helper
Charles Marsh
Harry Harvey Jr.
William Stubbs
John Terrano
Maudie Prickett
Mary Alan Hokanson
Edward Margolis
George Zouzaniles
Louise Kane
Edwin Chandler
George Alesko
Raoul Freeman
Billy Gray
Tony Taylor
Carl Saxe
Shimen Ruskin
Donald Fields
Tommy Mann
Robin Raymond
Robert Foulk
John P. Barrett
Arnold Daly
Charles Wexler
Tom Daly
Victoria Faust
Gayne Whitman
John Berkes
Al Hill
Joe Recht
Mike Lally
George Lloyd
Ted Stanhope
Ken Macdonald
Alex Gerry
Jerry Franks
Sydney Mason
Nolan Leary
Jimmy Reese
William E. Green
Jack Gargan
Frances Morris
Paul Palmer
Al Caruso
Fred Shellac
Symona Boniface
Frank Pharr
Richard La Marr
Carlo Tricoli
Ralph Brooks
Thomas F. Quinn Jr.
George Ford
John Kascier
Directors: Alfred Werker, Gordon Douglas, Robert Rossen, Joseph H. Lewis
Studio: Turner Classics Mod
Number of Discs: 5
Release Date: 11/25/2014
Item #: 1173557X
UPC #: 700867900238
SKU #: D09918
Attributes: Boxed Set, Manufactured on Demand, Dolby, NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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