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Old Techno
Format: DVD Genre: Electronic, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Old Techno

Old Techno

Format: DVD Genre: Electronic, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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Projects Overview Lord Carpenters / Unknown Soldiers - Lawrenceville, GA/Gwinnett, USA - 1985-2000. Hidden Phase 0 - LCUS™ Unknown and unheard releases galore. More news to the members of the worlds largest community of unrelenting believers of Faith. Ladies and Gentlemen it's the Lord Carpenters / Unknown Soldiers. More news coming in the year... if you don't have it or need it there is probably a good chance that you still will be able to get it. But we still print every single one. Very special things in very small packages. Created with care by Cri-One Aka Chris Brown. With all do respect here is how the releases were made. Some special event would occur and we will call it an appointment that some one would ask me for a release, and then I would return to them their answer ten fold. ATLTRACKS - Lawrenceville, GA/Gwinnett, USA - 2005. Phase 1 - Altracks™ Musically Atlanta is a very diverse place. To capture the essence of what the punters dance to at the Clubt is to say that, "if it's good they will dance." So, the mission is to capture every thing great about the techno scene in Atlanta. The artwork is very much the same way. But my approach was more introverted and I tried to focus on the digital aspects of abstraction and patterns. I am able to put the Altracks label as this; Every time you pray you hope and dream that the prayers are holy enough to be granted. We are only trying to walk the straight and narrow path of righteousness. PSYPLAY - Lawrenceville, GA/Gwinnett, USA - 2006. Phase 2 - PSYPLY™ When people use their mind to create things the out come is some times original but sometimes only a concept. The way we think out loud is musical and artistic. We communicate two ways universally in this manner. The best way to play is with your mind. A child likes to hold toys and let their imagination run wild with this found object they play with it until they decide to pick up a different toy. We hope you understand our taking. We want to make you proud of what you have in your hand. I slave and play mind games. We make it day by day. MOUNTAIN LIBRARY - Lawrenceville, GA/Gwinnett, USA - 2006. Phase 3 - Mountain Library™ The mountain of Zion is holy. Like the belief of our faith we know that the mountain is a very safe and endearing place. Let us think of the two things together, "a mountain of faith." Work like this doesn't come along too often and when it does you can make haste and learn it for yourself. The best part of life is when you reach the epiphany of the top of the mountain...While suffering with pain & agony happily ever after for one and for all we love our job and would not give it up for the whole world and that means our entire lot piece and pie. 32 RELEASES COMING UP FATE VS. DESTINY - Lawrenceville, GA/Gwinnett, USA - 2007 Phase 4 - FVSD™ What can you really say about trying to create your own fate? and who exactly controls your destiny? this is a mad release of the best to my ability tracks in 2007. The fun never stops and this phase comes with full amplitude of non stop music books and tons of every thing else. The parts we don't understand will remain that way until we all realize who our creator is and why that person is exactly why they are who they are to start with. Fate Vs. Destiny. Willkommen - Lawrenceville, GA/Gwinnett, USA - 2008 Phase 5 - Willkommen things are just now starting to get good. If I don't say so for myself. The best will always be that next book or track. But, out of all the times to act stupid and have fun that time is now. Why not let your hair do what it really wants to and move your feet to the beat. This work is fun and not too glitchy and will not make you hard of hearing (right away) so play around with the work and have a use of good common sense. You are welcome to buy this material and buy some more after that! Thank you. Time and Matter - Lawrenceville, GA/Gwinnett, USA - 2009 Phase 6 - Time and Matter so with self destruction ahead and no light in sight the darkness begins to roll in with the fog. Funny how some people just can't get enough techno that I decided to make a radio station titled 'Station.' the fun part is I'm not supposed to know so we will agree that in Atlanta there is no Station to the hit. More books and more music on the way soon and stay tuned there will be something for every one! Gabriel Spiel - Lawrenceville, GA/Gwinnett, USA - 2009 Phase 7 - Gabriel Spiel Finished publishing phase. 'Gabriel Spiel' How many times have you wanted to hear and see a different perspective and still aren't satisfied. Well here comes something for every one and if that weren't enough then get a load of what is to come. Massive elements of good things that make all the right moves with out singing and no bling in sight. The happiness is contagious and with all due respect full of hope and dreams this is what I mean. LED CRI - Lawrenceville, GA/Gwinnett, USA - 2009/2010 Phase 8 - LED CRI New publishing phase. 'LED CRI' unexplainable. More news to come... after finishing this catalog I came to a realization, I met a woman she wasted my time I don't even mind... to take things with a grain of salt is to say that yes, I hate her. And I can totally see why she is where she is in life. Complete piece of trash that wears something that resembles a maggot... that's all there is to it. The music is awesome and the tone is correct... lots of variety and single file mixdowns. CRI BASS - Lawrenceville, GA/Gwinnett, USA - 2010 Phase 9 - CRI BASS Named thus to excite and intice... to say this is going to be bad would be cool.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 1/25/2011
Item #: 147275X
UPC #: 884502969191
Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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