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Classic Hitchcock (Criterion Collection)
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Mystery / Suspense
Classic Hitchcock (Criterion Collection)

Classic Hitchcock (Criterion Collection)

Format: Blu-ray Genre: Mystery / Suspense
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Four-disc set includes:

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)

While on holiday in Switzerland, Britons Bob and Jill Lawrence (Leslie Banks, Edna Best) are told by a dying government agent of a plot to kill a diplomat in London. When the would-be assassins kidnap the Lawrences’ daughter (Nova Pilbeam) to prevent them from revealing the plan, the couple must race against time to save her and the intended victim. Groundbreaking effort from Alfred Hitchcock’s British period, the international thriller co-stars Peter Lorre, Frank Vosper, Hugh Wakefield. 75 min. BW/Rtg: NR

The 39 Steps (1935)

This original film version of the mystery classic became one of Alfred Hitchcock's early triumphs, spinning the suspenseful yarn of a vacationing Canadian man (Robert Donat) accused of murder. Pursued by both the police and enemy spies at the same time, he attempts to unravel the dangerous enigma of "the 39 steps," with humorous and hair-raising predicaments befalling him at every turn. With Madeleine Carroll, Godfrey Tearle, and Peggy Ashcroft. 86 min. BW/Rtg: NR

The Lady Vanishes (1938)

Heading home from holiday, young Iris Henderson (Margaret Lockwood) befriends the elderly Miss Froy (May Whitty) on a transcontinental train ride. After Iris awakens from a bump on the head, she finds that there is neither hide nor hair of her new friend, and no one else on the train can--or will--acknowledge the woman’s presence. With help from a single supporter on board (Michael Redgrave), Iris begins a dangerous search for the truth. Superlative Alfred Hitchcock whodunit co-stars Paul Lukas. 97 min. BW/Rtg: NR

Foreign Correspondent (1940)

American newsman John Jones (Joel McCrea) seeks to give up his dull New York beat and experience adventure--and gets more than he bargained for after being assigned to London as a foreign correspondent. The intrigue Jones gets caught up in becomes the most dangerous story of his career, as the assassination of a Dutch diplomat leads him into a nest of Nazi spies on the eve of World War II. Alfred Hitchcock's taut espionage thriller also stars Laraine Day, Herbert Marshall, and George Sanders. 120 min. BW/Rtg: NR

Standard; Soundtrack: English PCM mono; Subtitles: English (SDH); featurettes; interviews; radio broadcast; theatrical trailer.

Studio: Criterion
Release Date: 5/10/2016
Item #: 2022207X
UPC #: 715515162418
Attributes: Boxed Set, 4PC
Product Type: Blu-ray

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