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The Complete Jacques Tati (Criterion Collection)
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Comedy-Classic, Foreign-French
The Complete Jacques Tati (Criterion Collection)

The Complete Jacques Tati (Criterion Collection)

Format: Blu-ray Genre: Comedy-Classic, Foreign-French
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This presentation of comic genius Jacques Tati's filmography begins with the French writer/director's feature debut "Jour De FĂȘte" (1948), in which Tati plays a postman engaged in comic attempts to make his service state-of-the-art. Tati introduced his most famous character in the nearly dialogue-free "Monsieur Hulot's Holiday" (1953), an homage to silent comedy set in a peaceful seaside resort. Tati's first color film "Mon Oncle" (1958) finds the odd-walking Mr. Hulot trying to cope with his brother-in-law's mechanized house. In Paris, Gallic everyman Hulot gets caught up in chaos with American tourists in "Playtime" (1967). Calamities ensue when Hulot gets behind the wheel of a gadget-laden camping vehicle, in "Trafic" (1971). Tati is a circus performer in "Parade" (1974), as two children go behind the scenes at a provincial circus. Seven-disc set also includes all six Tati short films, the soccer documentary "Forza Bastia" (1978) completed posthumously by Tati's daughter, and much more. 10 hrs. total. Standard/Widescreen; Soundtrack: French Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English; interviews; more. In French with English subtitles.
Bill Neil
Jacques Tati
James Nelson
Theoni V. Aldredge
Kevin O'Neal
Nathalie Pascaud
Rick Alexander
Clint Palmer
Guy Decomble
Yarek Alfer
Maria Kimberley
Tom Paolucci
William Atherton
Barbara Dennek
Frank Patton
Jim Aupperle
Karl Kossmayer And His Mule (Karl Kossmayer And His Mule)
Lee Austin
Paul Pav
Dan Aykroyd
John Pepper
Marcel Fraval
Audri Phillips
Les Williams
Tom Bailey
Gary Platek
Paul Frankeur
Philip Barberio
Louis Perrault
Richard Beggs
Vern Poore
Annie Potts
Georges Montant
Jon Berg
Adrienne Servantie
Elmer Bernstein
Harold Ramis
Alain Becourt
Peter Bernstein
Scott Rathner
David E. Blewitt
Harrison Ray
Honora Bostel
Bernie Brillstein
John Abbey
Karen Rea
Santa Relli
Les Veterans (Les Veterans)
Nichelle Rolla
Les Sipolo (Les Sipolo)
Maine Vallee
Tony Andal
Tony Kneppers
Lucien Fregis
Valentine Camax
Andre Dubois
Betty Schneider
Reinhardt Kouldehoff
Roger Rafal
Pierre Bramma
Jacques Beauvais
Yvonne Arnaud
Yves Barsacq
Michele Brabo
Raymond Carl
Dominique Marie
Delcassan (Delcassan)
Michel Francini
Pia Colombo
The Inhabitants Of St Severe-Sur-Indre (The Inhabitants Of St Severe-Sur-Indre)
Billy Bourbon
Norman Hall And Ladd (Norman Hall And Ladd)
J F Martial
Rene Lacourt
Marguerite Gerard
Billy Kearns
Andre Dino
Les Argentinos (Les Argentinos)
Johnny Lonn
Claude Badolle
Jean-Pierre Zola
Nicolas Bataille
Bertilo (Bertilo)
Jan Swahn
Regis Fontenay
Georges Adlin
Adelaide Danielli
Bertil Berglund
Moniqa Sunnerberg
Denise Péronne
Michael P. Redbourn
Raul A. Bruce
Eda Reiss Merin
John Bruno
Billy Bryan
Ivan Reitman
Arthur F. Repola
Norman Buck
John Ring
Laura Buff
Jim Bullock
Pete Romano
John Rothman
Matteo Cafiso
Colin J. Campbell
Murray Rubin
Gene S. Cantamessa
Jennifer Runyon
Patrick Capone
Saul Saladow
Joe Schmieg
Joseph M. Caracciolo Jr.
Mark Siegel
Timothy Carhart
Craig Caton
David Spear
Robert Spurlock
Ted Churchill
Joe Cirillo
Mark Stetson
Richard Coleman
Robert M. Stevens
Bill Couch
Bill Sturgeon
Gary Daigler
Steven Tash
Dione Taylor
Stephen Dane
Joe Day
Joseph E. Thibo
John DeCuir
Michael R. Thomas
Joy Todd
Larry Dilg
Mark Vargo
Robert Drumheller
Alice Drummond
Reginald VelJohnson
Carol L. Vitkay
Kathy Durning
Lenny Vullo
Patty Dworkin
Don S. Walden
Richard Edlund
Gary Waller
Leslie Ekker
Leonard Engelman
Mary E. Walter
Michael Ensign
William Ward
Diane Warren
William Eustace
Robert Fernandez
Sigourney Weaver
Gene Whiteman
James E. Foote
Joe Franklin
Nancy Willen
John G. Wilson
Katterli Frauenfelder
Les Fresholtz
Terry Windell
Christopher Wynkoop
Chuck Gaspar
Matthew Yuricich
Rhoda Gemignani
Bruno George
Stuart Ziff
Vinnie Gerardo
Deborah Gibson
Michael Ginsburg
Peter Giuliano
Tracy Granger
Michel Goyot
Roger Grimsby
Dominique Derly
Michael C. Gross
James Hardie
Max Martel
Alan Harding
Claire Rocca
Kymberly Herrin
Jean-Claude Remoleux
Tommy Hollis
Joseph Holsen
Rene Lord
Michael F. Hoover
Nicole Regnault
Michael Hosch
Ernie Hudson
Mancini (Mancini)
Jean Meyet
Robert Jason
Steve Johnson
Suzanne Franck
Ed Jones
Saint-Maur Citizens (Saint-Maur Citizens)
Slavitza Jovan
Sheldon Kahn
Casey Kasem
Jean Kasem
Gene Kearney
Nancy Kelly
Larry King
Laszlo Kovacs
Neil Krepela
Tom Lackey
John Lambert
Joe Leeway
William L. Manger
Marvin March
David Margulies
Winston May
Patrick McCormick
Tom McDermott
Joe Medjuck
Dennis Michelson
Michelle Moen
Rick Moranis
Thaine Morris
Sam Moses
Bob Munoz
Bill Murray
Frances E. Nealy
Jacques Tati
Director: Jacques Tati
Studio: Criterion
Release Date: 10/28/2014
Item #: 1271545X
UPC #: 715515128315
SKU #: B13075
Attributes: Dubbed
Product Type: Blu-ray
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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