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Dear Dead Delilah (1972)
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Horror
Dear Dead Delilah

Dear Dead Delilah

Format: Blu-ray Genre: Horror
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Vinegar Syndrome specializes in the masterful restoration and distribution of cult, horror, and erotic films from the 1960s-90s.

Back in 1943, Luddy viciously murdered her mother with an axe. 30 years later and freshly released from the state mental hospital, deemed 'cured' of her violent impulses, Luddy's luck seems to be turning around, thanks to a chance encounter with the family of Delilah (Agnes Moorehead), the miserly matriarch of a large plantation estate. She quickly finds herself hired as Delilah's housekeeper, but no sooner than her arrival at the cavernous and secluded mansion, grisly murders begin to take place. And worse, each time a new corpse is discovered, Luddy finds she is unable to recall her whereabouts at the time of the bloodshed. Could her old self be coming out, or is someone else trying to set her up for more sinister motives?

A cheerfully grim blending of Southern Gothic stylings, murder mystery structure, and proto-slasher gore, acclaimed horror novelist John Farris' (THE FURY) sole feature film directorial effort, DEAR DEAD DELILAH, was an ubiquitous drive-in crowd pleaser throughout the 70s. Produced by Nashville country legend "Cowboy" Jack Clement, co-starring a who's who of TV actors including Roger Gentry (ALL MY CHILDREN), Will Geer (THE WALTONS), and Dennis Patrick (DALLAS), plus featuring an unforgettably strange performance from one-timer Patricia Carmichael as Luddy, Vinegar Syndrome proudly brings this lurid helping of Southern Fried sleaze to Blu-ray, newly restored from recently discovered 35mm vault elements!


  • 1. "Family Secrets: The Making of Dear Dead Delilah" - an interview with director John Farris
  • 2. Promotional still and article gallery
  • 3. Reversible cover artwork
  • 4. English SDH subtitles
Director: John Farris
Studio: Vinegar Syndrome
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 8/28/2018
Item #: 2084442X
UPC #: 814456021720
Attributes: With DVD, 2 Pack
Product Type: Blu-ray
Rating: PG13
Subtitles: ENG

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