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Dick Foran Western Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Westerns
Dick Foran Western Collection

Dick Foran Western Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Westerns
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Foran's singing-cowboy stint at Warner commenced with "Moonlight on the Prairie" (1935), as a rodeo star set up for a rancher's murder. "Wild Bill" Elliott co-stars. Having witnessed his pop's murder as a boy, Dick rides to confront the killer in "Song of the Saddle" (1936). Army captain Foran has to escort a politician's daughter through Cheyenne country in "Treachery Rides the Range" (1936). Union officer Dick goes undercover against Rebel spies in "Trailin' West" (1936). Stage line boss Foran deals with competitors playing hardball in "California Mail" (1936). Texas Ranger Dick poses as a rustler to solve a murder in "Guns of the Pecos" (1937). Foran fights for put-upon homesteaders in "Land Beyond the Law" (1937). Federal agent Dick breaks a stage-robbing gang in "Blazing Sixes" (1937). Lawyer Foran sues, rather than shoots, a land grabber in "The Cherokee Strip" (1937). Framed-for-murder Dick battles the real felons in "Empty Holsters" (1937). Wrongly jailed Foran whips his fellow railroaded inmates into "The Devil's Saddle Legion" (1937). And Dick faces Kiowa rail attacks in "Prairie Thunder" (1937). 11 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono. Four-disc set.
Dick Foran
Jane Bryan
Anne Nagel
Linda Perry
Paula Stone
Ellen Clancy
Patricia Walthall
Alma Lloyd
Smokey, a horse
David Carlyle
Sheila Mannors
Wayne Morris
Craig Reynolds
Emmett Vogan
Charles Middleton
Mira McKinney
Monte Blue
John Merton
Frank Orth
George E. Stone
Addison Richards
Willard Parker
Irene Franklin
Smoke the Wonder Horse
Ed. Cobb
Eddie Schubert
Helen Valkis
Eddie Acuff
Joe Sawyer
Robert Middlemass
Cy Kendall
Ernie Stanton
George Ernest
Anderson Lawler
Albert J. Smith
Ed Cobb
Yakima Canutt
Frank Prince
Max Hoffman Jr.
Joseph Crehan
Robert Barrat
Glenn Strange
Edward Keane
Eddie Shubert
Victor Potel
George Chesebro
Gaby Fay
Granville Owen
George Cheeseboro
Don Barclay
Slim Whitaker
Gordon Hart
Kenneth Harlan
Gordon Elliott
Harry Woods
Ben Hendricks
Herbert Heywood
Frank Faylen
Frank Bruno
Milton Kibbee
Stuart Holmes
Wilfred Lucas
Myrtle Steadman
Monte Montague
J. P. McGowan
Carlyle Moore Jr.
Charles LeMoyne
Edmund Cobb
John "Skins" Miller
Raymond Brown
John Harron
Pat West
Richard Carle
James Farley
Tom Brower
Walter Soderling
Tom Forman
Ed. Stanley
Milt Kibbee
Bud Osborne
Earl Dwire
Nick Copeland
Tommy Bupp
Paul Panzer
Post Parks
Ben Corbett
Jim Thorpe
Julian Rivero
Bob Woodward
Fred Burns
Malcolm Waite
Bonita Granville
Mariska Aldrich
Joseph King
Dick Botiller
Tom Wilson
Cliff Saum
Henry Otho
Jack Chesebro
Tom Burns
Glen Cavender
Douglas Wood
Dickie Jones
Gene Alsace
William Desmond
Walter Young
Charles Le Moyne
Mary Mersch
F. Schumann-Heink
Allan Cavan
Jack Mower
Sol Gorss
Chad Trower
Baldy Belmont
Raphael Bennett
Helen Keeler
Marshall Ruth
Jack Shannon
Sam Rice
Lee "Lasses" White
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink
Buck Connors
Bob Burns
Harry Fox
Julie Carter
Tom Ung
Alan Gregg
Larry Kent
Steve Clark
Lottie Williams
Neal Hart
George Ovey
Frank Pharr
Bud Geary
Everett Sullivan
Chester Gan
Joe Rixon
William Wayne
Earl Hodgins
Dick Rush
James C. Morton
Pauline Garon
Directors: Frank McDonald, Noel Smith, Louis King, Bobby Connolly, B. Reeves Eason, D. Ross Lederman
Studio: Warner Archives
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 7/21/2015
Item #: 1507657X
UPC #: 888574282455
SKU #: D58309
Attributes: Boxed Set, Manufactured on Demand, Full Frame
Product Type: DVD
Closed Caption: No

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