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Dirty Harry Collection [Import]
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Action / Adventure
Dirty Harry Collection [Import]

Dirty Harry Collection [Import]

Format: Blu-ray Genre: Action / Adventure Theme: Crime
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Five-disc set includes:

Dirty Harry (1971)

No-nonsense San Francisco cop Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) and his .44 Magnum ("the most powerful handgun in the world") made their debut in director Don Siegel’s explosive thriller that pits Callahan against a brutal murderer known as Scorpio terrorizing the city, as well as his own superiors and a justice system that lets criminals go free. Initial entry in the popular crime series co-stars Reni Santoni, Harry Guardino, Andy Robinson, John Vernon. 102 min. C/Rtg: R

Magnum Force (1973)

A string of shootings of Bay Area criminals which may have been committed by a policeman draws the attention of Clint Eastwood’s Harry Callahan, who soon finds himself fighting against a squad of vigilante cops. Hal Holbrook, Mitchell Ryan, David Soul, Robert Urich, Tim Matheson, Felton Perry also star. Co-written by John Milius and Michael Cimino. 124 min. C/Rtg: R

The Enforcer (1973)

Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan, (Clint Eastwood) brandishes his .44 Magnum once more as the unrestrainable San Francisco detective collides with new female partner Inspector Kate Moore (Tyne Daly) and a group of ruthless terrorists intent on robbing an arms company, then engages in a vicious battle to rescue the kidnapped mayor. Co-stars Harry Guardino, Bradford Dillman, John Mitchum. 97 min. C/Rtg: R

Sudden Impact (1983)

The film that introduced the phrase "Go ahead...make my day" to the American lexicon, director/star Clint Eastwood’s fourth outing as "Dirty Harry" Callahan finds him up against two foes: a San Francisco mob boss and a mysterious killer in a nearby seaside town. With Sondra Locke, Bradford Dillman, Pat Hingle. 117 min. C/Rtg: R

The Dead Pool (1988)

The action is mixed with sly wit in the fifth "Dirty Harry" thriller, as Clint Eastwood investigates a series of murders that are linked to a "celebrity death list" betting game on the set of horror filmmaker Liam Neeson’s latest project. Don’t miss the "toy car" chase down the San Francisco streets; with Patricia Clarkson, Evan Kim, and Jim Carrey as a rock star. 91 min. C/Rtg: R

Region Free

Clint Eastwood
Harry Guardino
Sondra Locke
Hal Holbrook
Patricia Clarkson
Felton Perry
Liam Neeson
Pat Hingle
Bradford Dillman
Reni Santori
Evan C. Kim
Jeff Richmond
John Vernon
Mitch Ryan
Andy Robinson
David Hunt
Paul Drake
Deveren Brookwalter
David Soul
Audrie Neenan
Tim Matheson
Michael Currie
John Crawford
John Larch
Jack Thibeau
Robert Urich
Michael Goodwin
Tyne Daly
Samantha Doane
Mae Mercer
Kip Niven
Darwin Gillett
Christine White
Anthony Charnota
Lyn Edgington
Bob Hoy
Christopher Beale
Ruth Kobart
Mark Keyloun
Adele Yoshioka
Jocelyn Jones
Kevyn Major Howard
M.G. Kelly
Maurice Argent
John Allen Vick
Woodrow Parfrey
Josef Sommer
Nick Pellegrino
Richard Devon
Bette Ford
Patrick Van Horn
Nancy Parsons
Tony Giorgio
Sigrid Wurschmidt
Rudy Ramos
Joe Bellan
James Nolan
John Mitchum
Jim Carrey
Wendell Wellman
Bill Ackridge
Russ Moro
Tim Burrus
Pat DuVal
Renn Reynolds
Patrick Valentino
Bill Wattenburg
Martin Ganapoler
Ronnie Claire Edwards
Margaret Avery
Jo de Winter
Mara Corday
Bill Jelliffe
Jack Kosslyn
Russ McCubbin
Robert Sutton
Cliff Pellow
Bill Couch
Nicholas Love
Nancy Fish
Jan Stratton
Maureen McVerry
Will MacMillan
Bob McClurg
Melody Thomas
Carmen Argenziano
John X. Heart
Jerry Walter
Albert Popwell
Victoria Bastel
Bill Reddick
Kathleen Turco-Lyon
Diana Davidson
Lois DeBanzie
Michael Cavanaugh
Richard Lawson
Dick Durock
George Fargo
Michael Johnson
Kristopher Logan
Angela Paton
Nick Dimitri
Michael Maurer
Adele Proom
Glenn T Wright
Glen Leigh Marshall
George R. Burrafato
Raymond Johnson
Robert Behling
Stu Klitsner
Steven Kravitz
Terry McGovern
Karen Kahn
Charles Dorsett
Shawn Elliott
John Roselius
Melvin Thompson
Leslie Fong
Brian Fong
Ed Hodson
Jophery Brown
Kristoffer Tabori
Art Rimdzius
Chuck Hicks
Christopher Pray
James McEachin
Ann Noland
Melissa Martin
Dean Webber
Scott Hale
Morgan Upton
Fritz Manes
Louis Giambalvo
Joy Carlin
Peter Anthony Jacobs
David Gonzales
Lloyd Nelson
Harry Demopoulos
Charles Martinet
Taylor Gilbert
Lisa London
George Orrison
Tom Spratley
Marc Alaimo
John Nowak
Justin Whalin
Lois Foraker
David Gilliam
Tony Dario
John Garber
Maxwell Gail Jr.
James W. Gavin
Craig Hosking
Victor Paul
Bob Harris
Joe Finnegan
Kathleen O'Malley
Al Dunlap
Charles Hicks
James Joyce
Leon Russom
Phil Clark
John Finnegan
Joanne Moore Jordan
Fred Draper
Michele Tobin
Michael Freeman
Don Haggerty
Directors: Don Siegel, Clint Eastwood
Studio: Warnervid
Release Date: 5/28/2013
Theme: Crime
Item #: 719427X
UPC #: 5051892010337
Product Type: Blu-ray

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