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Doctor Who: Tom Baker: Complete Season Six (1979)
Format: Blu-ray Genre: TV Sci-Fi, British-Television
Doctor Who: Tom Baker: Complete Season Six

Doctor Who: Tom Baker: Complete Season Six

Format: Blu-ray Genre: TV Sci-Fi, British-Television Theme: Doctor Who
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Tom Baker donned the long, multicolored scarf once again for his sixth season as the Fourth Doctor. In "Destiny of the Daleks," the Doctor and Romana (Lalla Ward) are caught in the middle of a centuries-long battle between the Time Lord's oldest foes and the equally merciless Movellans. Then, an alien spaceship trapped on prehistoric Earth, a mysterious count (Julian Glover) living in present-day Paris, and a locked room full of authentic Mona Lisa paintings add up to a tantalizing mystery for the Doctor and Romana, in "City of Death." Scripted by Douglas Adams. Landing on the jungle planet Chloris, the Doctor, Romana, and K-9 (voiced by David Brierley) fall prey to evil ruler Lady Adrasta (Myra Francis), who seeks to control the world's only metal mine, in "The Creature from the Pit." "Nightmare of Eden" finds a scientist's crystalline "recordings" of creatures from the planet Eden threatening to overrun an interstellar liner, and only the Doctor and his companions can save the ship and its occupants. As if a black hole didn't put the Doctor, Romana, K-9, and their disabled TARDIS in enough jeopardy, they must also save the people of planet Aneth from falling victim to invasion plans by the Skonnon Empire, in "The Horns of Nimon." And finally, a BBC strike halted filming of "Shada," a never-broadcast adventure presented here as a mix of live-action and animation. The story follows the Doctor, Romana, and K-9 as a visit to a Time Lord living incognito on Earth leads to a desperate race to a distant prison planet.

26 episodes on 7 discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

Directors: Graham Williams, Alan Bromly, Ken Grieve, Pennant Roberts, Michael Hayes, Kenny McBain, Christopher Barry
Studio: BBC Warner
Number of Discs: 7
Release Date: 4/5/2022
Theme: Doctor Who
Item #: 2470283X
UPC #: 883929711901
Attributes: Boxed Set
Product Type: Blu-ray
Rating: NR

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