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Dog's Best Friend: Season 1 Volume 3 (2014)
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
Dog's Best Friend: Season 1 Volume 3

Dog's Best Friend: Season 1 Volume 3

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
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You've heard of man's best friend, but who is dog's best friend? Well according to this series, it could be anyone! From rare owls, endangered lions, and even an anxious pig, dogs have been known to forge friendships with any species, no matter how big or small! This cute and, at times, hilarious series reveals the true stories of the most unlikely companionships, from the fun times to the challenges that dog and owner face. Episode 10: A German shepherd on a five-acre family-run farm has chosen the new kid on the block as his closest friend-a coatimundi named Mateo. Then, over in New Hampshire, a grounded Canadian goose discovers his besties for life, two miniature horses named Sassy and Winnie Minnie. Episode 11: In this episode, an orangutan finds a best friend forever in a stray dog. Then, Booth the Brittany spaniel might chase ducks and avoid parrots, but for the past seven years, he has protected a thirteen-year-old falcon named Anakin. Episode 12: It's a happy hang-ten behind a North Carolina surf shop where a lonely Peking duck found an unlikely friend in not only one dog but two! Then, Forrest the miracle goat not only finds his legs but a magical new friendship with a barn cat named Leonard. Episode 13: A squirrel-chasing Dutch Shepherd makes a special exception for his best friend and favorite playmate when he meets a ferret named Moona. Then, a baby deer finds solace and adoring friendship in an orphaned lamb. This is volume three of a three-set volume.
Studio: Dreamscape
Release Date: 3/16/2021
Item #: 2363725X
UPC #: 818506028684
Product Type: DVD

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