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Douglas Fairbanks: Modern Musketeer
Format: DVD Genre: Action / Adventure, Drama-Classics (Silent Films)
Douglas Fairbanks: Modern Musketeer

Douglas Fairbanks: Modern Musketeer

Format: DVD Genre: Action / Adventure, Drama-Classics (Silent Films)
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This five-disc set showcases dashing Douglas Fairbanks in some of the early silents that made him a star. Fairbanks hopes to get "His Picture in the Papers" (1916) to help his dad's business; he shoots up as drugged-out detective Coke Ennyday in the bizarre Sherlock Holmes spoof "The Mystery of the Leaping Fish" (1916); "Flirting with Fate" (1916), Fairbanks hires a hit man for an odd job; as "The Matrimaniac" (1916), Doug travels by auto, train, and more to be by his true love's side; Fairbanks spoofs his onscreen persona in "Wild and Woolly" (1917) and "Reaching for the Moon" (1917); Doug dreams of becoming "A Modern Musketeer" (1918) and plays the victim of a mad scientist "When the Clouds Roll By" (1919); Doug portrays "The Mollycoddle" (1920), a foppish young man who takes on Arizona smugglers; Fairbanks makes "The Mark of Zorro" (1920) one of his most famous exploits; and Doug plays "The Nut" (1921), a New York inventor who uses a variety of tricks to help his social worker girlfriend in a comedy that features a cameo by Fairbanks' UA partner Charlie Chaplin. 12 2/3 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: music score; photo gallery. Silent with music score.
Directors: Christy Cabanne, Theodore Reed, Paul Powell, Fred Niblo, John Emerson, Allan Dwan, Victor Fleming
Studio: Flicker Alley
Number of Discs: 5
Release Date: 12/8/2009
Item #: EEG006740
UPC #: 617311674099
SKU #: D40116
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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