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Dr. Gillespie: Movie Collection (1942)
Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
Dr. Gillespie: Movie Collection

Dr. Gillespie: Movie Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
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After Lew Ayres left M-G-M's "Dr. Kildare" series, Dr. Leonard Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore) welcomed a succession of new interns to Blair General for another half-dozen entries. "Calling Dr. Gillespie" (1942) finds Gillespie partnering with a Dutch psychiatrist (Philip Dorn) to handle a dangerous schizophrenic. Donna Reed co-stars. Young medicos Red Adams (Van Johnson) and Lee Wong How (Keye Luke) vie to become "Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant" (1942). Susan Peters, Richard Quine co-star. A homicidal mental patient committed on Gillespie's recommendation comes looking for payback in "Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case" (1943). Margaret O'Brien co-stars. Gillespie has to make the final call between Red and Lee in "3 Men in White" (1944). Ava Gardner co-stars. Red finds himself "Between Two Women" (1945) as he's chased by a socialite (Marilyn Maxwell) and a chanteuse (Gloria De Haven). "Dark Delusion" (1947) finds Gillespie's last protégé (James Craig) in a hopeless romance with a terminally ill woman (Lucille Bremer). 8 2/3 hrs. total on three discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Lionel Barrymore
Lew Ayres
Van Johnson
James Craig
Susan Peters
Gloria DeHaven
Lucille Bremer
Laraine Day
Nat Pendleton
Keenan Wynn
Richard Quine
Jayne Meadows
Warner Anderson
Marilyn Maxwell
Ava Gardner
Lana Turner
Margaret O'Brien
Samuel S. Hinds
Henry Stephenson
Lynne Carver
Alma Kruger
"Rags" Ragland
Donna Reed
Horace McNally
Keye Luke
Nell Craig
Emma Dunn
John Craven
Michael Duane
Art Baker
Edna Holland
Lester Matthews
William Lundigan
Walter Kingsford
George H. Reed
Lorraine Miller
Harlan Briggs
Celia Travers
Henry Hunter
Hope Landin
Ben Lessy
Geraldine Wall
Marie Blake
Chester Clute
Tom Trout
Phillip Terry
Patricia Barker
Ann Richards
Shirley Patterson
Rose Hobart
Henry O'Neill
George Reed
Frances Rafferty
Roger Converse
Violette Wilson
Eddie Acuff
Shimen Ruskin
Mary Currier
Donald Barry
Reed Hadley
Arthur Loft
Franco Corsaro
Clarke Hardwicke
Shirley Warde
George Chandler
Eddie Parks
Milton Kibbee
Harry Strang
James Burke
Robert E. O'Connor
Bruce Cowling
George Offerman Jr.
Leigh Sterling
Boyd Davis
Eddie Dunn
William Tannen
Wally Cassell
Clinton Rosemond
Richard Crane
Russell Hicks
Hal K. Dawson
Johnny Walsh
John Burton
Aileen Pringle
Bobs Watson
Paul McVey
Mary Stuart
Dorothy Vaughn
Jane Green
Frank Orth
Byron Foulger
Michael Kirby
Lorin Raker
Richard Bartell
Vesey O'Davoren
Cliff Clark
Arthur Shields
Addison Richards
Margaret Bert
Barbara Brown
Katharine Booth
Georgia Caine
Jacqueline White
Dorothy Adams
Jim Nolan
Sam McDaniel
William Haade
Ralph Dunn
Dick Simmons
Billy Cummings
Dorothy Vaughan
Ransom Sherman
Richard Hall
Roy Barcroft
William Forrest
Edith Evanson
Robert Homans
Lee Phelps
Ruth Lee
Pamela Blake
Sarah Padden
Horace MacMahon
Frances Chung
Capt. Somers
Harold Miller
Douglas Fowley
George Noisom
Paul Fix
Elspeth Dudgeon
Pietro Sosso
Barbara Bedford
Dorothy Morris
Betty Jaynes
Ann Todd
Polly Bailey
Jack Rice
Janet Chapman
George Ovey
Sylvia Field
Yvette Duguay
Estelle Etterre
Dick Paxton
Ernie Alexander
Irene Tedrow
Gary Gray
Herbert Vigran
Hal Hackett
Sammy McKim
Gertrude Hoffman
George Irving
John Dilson
Matt Moore
Edward Keane
Edward Earle
Grant Withers
George Lynn
Ted Adams
Jerry Jerome
Chick Collins
Don Cadell
Helen Dickson
Marianne Quon
Almeda Fowler
Margaret Adden
Directors: Harold S. Bucquet, Willis Goldbeck
Studio: Warner Archives
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 11/18/2014
Item #: 1424623X
UPC #: 888574122782
SKU #: D68543
Attributes: Boxed Set, Manufactured on Demand, Full Frame, Mono Sound
Product Type: DVD
Closed Caption: No

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