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Dr. Kildare: Movie Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Drama
Dr. Kildare: Movie Collection

Dr. Kildare: Movie Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Drama
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The popular M-G-M B series starring Lew Ayres as Max Brand's medico James Kildare kicked off when "Young Dr. Kildare" (1938) came to Blair General and the mentorship of irascible chief of staff Leonard Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore). Kildare gets tossed in the trenches at Blair's inner-city clinic in "Calling Dr. Kildare" (1939). Lana Turner co-stars. Jim has to step up when an overworked Gillespie collapses in "The Secret of Dr. Kildare" (1939). "Dr. Kildare Goes Home" (1940) to fill in at the practice of his ailing dad (Samuel S. Hinds). "Dr. Kildare's Crisis" (1940) comes when nurse/fiancée Mary Lamont (Laraine Day) gets disturbing news about her ill brother (Robert Young). It's "The People vs. Dr. Kildare" (1941) when Jim's emergency assistance to an ice-skating star (Bonita Granville) nets him a malpractice suit. Red Skelton co-stars. Jim and Mary are poised to tie the knot, but will tragedy impact "Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day" (1942)? Kildare has to deal with the admission of a stabbed socialite in "Dr. Kildare's Victory" (1942). Five-disc set also includes "Dr. Kildare's Strange Case." 12 1/4 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Lew Ayres
Lionel Barrymore
Lionel Atwill
Laraine Day
Ann Ayars
Robert Sterling
Robert Young
Shepperd Strudwick
Helen Gilbert
Red Skelton
Jo Ann Sayers
Jean Rogers
Samuel S. Hinds
Gene Lockhart
Lana Turner
Alma Kruger
John Shelton
Nils Asther
Nat Pendleton
Sara Haden
Lynne Carver
Nell Craig
Edward Gargan
Emma Dunn
Truman Bradley
Walter Kingsford
John Eldredge
Monty Woolley
Miles Mander
Harlan Briggs
Grant Mitchell
Neil Craig
Marie Blake
Cliff Danielson
Frank Orth
Henry Hunter
Nella Walker
Henry Wadsworth
Charles Waldron
Barry Nelson
Robert Kent
Donald Barry
George Lessey
Eddie Acuff
Tom Collins
Don Castle
Ann Morriss
Martha O'Driscoll
Phillip Terry
George H. Reed
Frank Sully
Donald Briggs
Stuart Crawford
Roger Converse
Paul Porcasi
William Bakewell
Leona Maricle
Ann Doran
Reed Hadley
Lillian Rich
Charlotte Wynters
Gladys Blake
Virginia Brissac
Horace MacMahon
Archie Twitchell
Fay McKenzie
Catherine Lewis
Anne O'Neal
Leonard Penn
Pierre Watkin
Shirley Warde
George Offerman Jr.
Norman Budd
Clinton Rosemond
David Newell
Margaret Seddon
Louis Jean Heydt
Ralph Byrd
Frank Faylen
Fay Helm
Erville Alderson
Granville Bates
Charlie Arnt
Walter Baldwin
Johnny Walsh
Ken Christy
William Tannen
Halliwell Hobbes
Selmer Jackson
Marcia Mae Jones
Mimi Doyle
Margaret Bert
Paul Kruger
Bess Flowers
Syd Saylor
Milton Kibbee
Joe Devlin
Bill Lally
Cliff Clark
Emory Parnell
Grace Hayle
Jack Carr
Olive Blakeney
Aileen Pringle
Bobs Watson
Fred Santley
Howard Mitchell
Donald Kerr
Byron Foulger
Gus Schilling
Dorothy Adams
William H. O'Brien
Jane Drummond
Kay Vallon
Dorothy Vaughan
Ray Walker
Charles Williams
John Butler
Matt McHugh
Arthur O'Connell
Joe Yule
Edwin Stanley
Pat Gleason
George Reed
John T. Murray
Johnnie Morris
Bryant Washburn Jr.
Harrison Greene
Mary Cecil
Jack Arnold
Robert Homans
Alec Craig
William Haade
Arthur Aylsworth
Otto Hoffman
Mary Field
Tom McGuire
Mary McLaren
Tim Ryan
Billy Wayne
George Noisom
George Chandler
Duke York
Elspeth Dudgeon
Mitchell Lewis
Ernie Alexander
Janice Chambers
Jackie Horner
Ann Todd
Barbara Bedford
Franklin Parker
Ralph Dunn
Milton Parsons
Stanley Taylor
Betty Farrington
George Ovey
Sylvia Field
Ferris Taylor
Drew Demarest
Janet Chapman
Howard Hickman
Grace Stafford
Marjorie Whately
Bob Ingersoll
Brenda Fowler
Dick Baron
Robert Emmett Keane
Claire McDowell
Jessie Arnold
Tom Stevenson
Mary MacLaren
Emmett Vogan
Connie Gilchrist
Ruth Robinson
Jack Woody
Johnnie Berkes
Charles Trowbridge
Cy Kendall
Gayne Whitman
Bill Chaney
Alexander Campbell
Ernie Adams
Murray Alper
Billy McClain
Jack Murphy
Bryant Washburn Sr.
Becky Bohanon
Chester Clute
Gilbert Russell
Mitchell Ingraham
Cyril Ring
Kirby Grant
Frank Dae
Charles Irwin
Lew Kelly
Directors: Harold S. Bucquet, Major W. S. Van Dyke II
Studio: Warner Archives
Number of Discs: 5
Release Date: 1/21/2014
Item #: 1053551X
UPC #: 883316945070
SKU #: D35090
Attributes: Full Frame, Manufactured on Demand, Mono Sound
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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