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Easter Bunny Triple Feature
Format: DVD Genre: Animation
Easter Bunny Triple Feature

Easter Bunny Triple Feature

Format: DVD Genre: Animation Theme: Easter
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THE EASTER BUNNY IS COMIN' TO TOWN You can only find kids in Kidsville. They make their own rules and run their own town. Every spring, all the kids- including Sunny the Bunny - come together to make Easter goodies. Now it's Sunny's job to take all the yummy jelly beanS and painted eggs to Town, a dreary old village where no kids are allowed! The Easter Bunny is Comin' to Town is a cherry, tuneful production combining stop-motion magic and the vocal talents of another magical treasure, Fred Astaire. Watch Sunny and friends win over Town's meanies by teaching them fun Easter traditions. THE BABY LOONEY TUNES' EGGS-TRAORDINARY ADVENTURE Join your favorite Baby Looney Tunes characters in the ultimate springtime quest - a hunt for the Easter Bunny! Starring Baby Bugs and his friends, this full-length feature showcases the hilarious antics of these cute and feisty toddlers! After Granny reads the kids a book about the candy-giving Easter Bunny the kids can't wait for the special day to come all except Baby Daffy, who declares that there's NO SUCH THING as an Easter Bunny! Baby Bugs and the others disagree, and nothing will stop them from finding him even if Baby Bugs has to play the part himself! With it's innocent appeal and heartwarming message about the magic of the holiday, this delightful movie is sure to become part of your family's tradition! THE FIRST EASTER RABBIT Did you know that without the help of Santa Claus, there might not be an Easter Bunny at all? That's the sweetly surprising story told in this animated family favorite from Rankin/Bass Productions that has enchanted generations. Academy Award winner Burl Ives narrates and Robert Morse, Stan Freberg and Paul Frees provide character voices in a fanciful, tuneful and color-splashed tale. Stuffy the Rabbit is a cuddly toy who magically comes to life and journeys to Easter Valley, an enchanted realm where it's always springtime, even though it's not far from Santa's house. From there, Stuffy hopes to bring the first-ever basket of Easter goodies to children. But a coldhearted ice creature named Zero refuses to allow such happiness. If he has his way, he'll freeze out Easter celebrations forever!
Studio: Warner Home Video
Release Date: 2/19/2019
Theme: Easter
Item #: 2129840X
UPC #: 883929671861
Attributes: Eco Amaray Case
Product Type: DVD

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