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Eddie Brown's B.S. Chorus
Format: DVD Genre: Jazz, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Eddie Brown's B.S. Chorus

Eddie Brown's B.S. Chorus

Format: DVD Genre: Jazz, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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Eddie Brown was one of the most 'delicious' rhythm dancers to lace up a pair of tap shoes. Being an improvisor, he rarely did a dance the same way twice. Thus all the more remarkable that his students were able to pin him down at all - but lucky for all of us, they did and the result was a real tap masterpiece: Eddie Brown's B.S. Chorus, aka 'The E.B. Choruses.' This DVD was designed with the dancer in mind. As we all know, some steps are easy, others take years to master. Such is the case with the E.B. Choruses. I made the decision to have a chapter mark for each and every element of each step - that totaled 71 chapters. Sounds a lot, but I assure you, as you get to work on this dance, you'll be most grateful that you can pop right to the step you are working on. I also included two solos of Eddie Brown dancing from a 1990 show I produced up in San Francisco, 'Jazz Tap.' There is an additional clip of Patti Meagher and myself joining Eddie for his B.S. Chorus; note the 'look' we shoot each other as we walk out on stage... The song was counted off at least three times faster than we had ever done it before! Believer me, we'll never forget that! Lastly, there is another treat with Sam Weber, Debra Sternbach, and myself performing the dance at the London Tap Festival in 2002. I was first taught Eddie Brown's B.S. Chorus back in 1989, by French tap dancer Fred Moritel for one of my productions, 'Jazz on Tap', featuring the Nicholas Brothers and my trio, Pedal Extremities. We only had two one-hour sessions and had to perform it one week later! I quickly realized that this dance was no one-week wonder; rather, it was a dance for a lifetime. Now here it is fifteen years later, and I still had enjoying the intricacies of this dance. There are parts that are easy, parts I wonder if I'll ever master, and loads in between! Over the years, I have performed this dance and taught it around the world. Everywhere I go, from Sweden to Australia, people fall in love with Eddie Brown's masterpiece and inquire: 'Is there an instructional DVD?' I agreed there should be one. So I finally decided to round up one of my favorite dancers and the one I knew could clarify and break down this dance beautifully - internationally renown dancer - Sam Weber. To my delight, Sam came on board immediately and flew down to Los Angeles from San Francisco for filming. Sam had learned the dance directly from Eddie, and had documented it in 'Kahnotation' (dance notation developed by his teacher, Stanley Kahn). As I knew he would, Sam did a brilliant job teaching the dance. With his unique intellect and humor, he was a perfect choice. Enjoy the dance! Rusty Frank Producer.
Eddie Brown
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