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Eddie Cantor 4-Film Collection: Samuel Goldwyn Classics
Format: DVD Genre: Musicals (Theatrical)
Eddie Cantor 4-Film Collection: Samuel Goldwyn Classics

Eddie Cantor 4-Film Collection: Samuel Goldwyn Classics

Format: DVD Genre: Musicals (Theatrical) Theme: MGM Musical
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After bailing from his job with a phony psychic (Charles Middleton), a young man (Eddie Cantor) lands a management job with a large bakery─and has to contend with his ex-boss's plans to rob it, in "Palmy Days" (1931). Charlotte Greenwood, George Raft co-star. Forced by bank robbers to be their wheel man, an expelled college student (Cantor) ditches them in Mexico─and then gets mistaken for a famed bullfighter, in "The Kid from Spain" (1932). Robert Young, Lyda Roberti, Noah Beery co-star. A conk on the head sends a small-town delivery boy/history buff (Cantor) back to Ancient Rome─and the middle of an assassination plot, in "Roman Scandals" (1933). Ruth Etting, Gloria Stuart, Edward Arnold co-star. And assertiveness training takes a timid tailor (Cantor) to management of an amusement park─and to slot racketeers looking to strong-arm him, in "Strike Me Pink" (1936). Ethel Merman, William Frawley, Parkyakarkus also star. 6 hrs. total on four discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Eddie Cantor
MGM Musical
Charlotte Greenwood
Barbara Weeks
Ethel Merman
Gloria Stuart
Lyda Roberti
Edward Arnold
Spencer Charters
Sally Eilers
Robert Young
David Manners
Paul Page
Ruth Hall
Ruth Etting
William Frawley
John Miljan
Charles Middleton
Verree Teasdale
George Raft
Noah Beery Sr.
Helen Lowell
Gordon Jones
J. Carrol Naish
Harry Woods
Alan Mowbray
Robert E. O'Connor
Brian Donlevy
John Rutherford
Jack LaRue
Willard Robertson
Arthur Hoyt
Lee Kohlmar
Sunnie O'Dea
Paul Porcasi
Olive Hatch
Georgia Coleman
Rita Rio
Sidney Franklin
Edward Brophy
Stanley Fields
Harry C. Bradley
Dorothy Poynton
Sidney H. Fields
Dewey Robinson
Don Brodie
Clarence Wilson
Theresa Maxwell Conover
Grace Poggi
Walter Walker
Charles McAvoy
Harry Holman
Stanley Blystone
Ben Hendricks Jr.
Charles C. Wilson
Julian Rivero
Duke York
Charles Wilson
Jane Darwell
Edith Roark
Clyde Hager
Billy Barty
Toby Wing
The Flying Kitchens
Vivian Mathison
Katharine Mauk
Rosalie Fromson
Consuelo Baker
Gale Sheridan
Dorothy Coonan
Mary Lange
Vickie Vann
Kay Hughes
Vivian Keefer
Lynn Browning
Elaine Johnson
Althea Henley
Barbara Pepper
Jinx Falkenberg
Theo Phane
Marian Sayers
Bernice Lorimer
Gail Goodson
Shirley Chambers
Florence Wilson
Eleanor Huntley
Genevieve Irwin
Paulette Goddard
Dorothy Dugan
Marcia Sweet
Dolly Bell
Pat Harper
Rose Kirsner
Mary Gwynne
Renee Whitney
Charlotte Russell
Diana Winslow
Jean Allen
Blanca Vischer
Anya Taranda
Loretta Andrews
Hazel Craven
Thomas and Chilton
Margaret LaMarr
Robert Homans
Nancy Lyon
Adele Lacy
Nancy Nash
Betty Lorraine
Maxine Cantway
Jennie Gray
Donna Mae Roberts
Directors: Leo McCarey, Frank Tuttle, Norman Taurog, Edward Sutherland
Studio: Warner Archives
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 6/2/2015
Theme: MGM Musical
Item #: 1499601X
UPC #: 888574143596
SKU #: D13304
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, Full Frame
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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