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Emma Puertas Oscuras (2017)
Format: DVD Genre: Horror
Emma Puertas Oscuras

Emma Puertas Oscuras

Format: DVD Genre: Horror
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After being run over by a car in the busy streets of London, Emma (Suzanna East) undergoes a major transformation. Her body is healed, but the dark side of her mind takes control after her brain injury. She undergoes many tests in the hospital and retreats into her own world of doubts and paranoia. After leaving the hospital in the care of Mrs. King who trampled her and feels responsible for her, Emma starts acting very strangely. Psychotic episodes of murders occur which result in horrific deaths to those close to her. These deaths appear not to disturb her by remaining completely separated from her surroundings. Indeed, no one can be sure when they meet Emma in the chilling story of Director José Ramón Larraz of a young woman trapped behind a dark door of violence. That is driving herr sick and troubled mind to cause so many horrific tragedies with her actions. This suspense film guarantees to keep them intrigued and to the edge of the knife until the end. How many victims will there be? Will Emma emerge from that dark, dark, macabre, will the door open again to allow her to see the light? (Language Spanish)
Studio: Cadicy International
Release Date: 10/27/2017
Item #: 1970296X
UPC #: 828637612348
Product Type: DVD

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