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Entwined (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Sam Marshall Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
Entwined (Original Soundtrack)

Entwined (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Sam Marshall Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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"In the early stages of writing a soundtrack, one of the trickiest things is finding a balance between the

elements of the score. Obviously the music needed to reflect the love story but the game itself is deliberately abstract so writing a ʻRomeo and Julietʼ sweeping score seemed inappropriate. I wanted to

the music to convey a sense of nostalgia without overtly stating kissy love themes. Because each lifetime

is very different stylistically, the music also needed to have variety while still sounding like Entwined

throughout. It also needed to be peaceful but have energy. Even though Iʼm an electronic musician, I didnʼt want to go the EDM Tron rhythm game route, as tempting as it was. Maybe I over think things a bit, but these considerations are a key part of the creative process for me. So the next step was cultivating the sounds that represent Entwined. Many of the pieces in Entwined have an interplay between a deep warm instrument and a bright shiny instrument. Sometimes it's piano and an analogue synth, other times itʼs a harp and a Celeste. To me, this interplay is the bird and the fish communicating. The bird is shiny and bright and the fish is deep and warm. They sing back and forth and harmonize together. Sometimes they are playing and sometimes they longing for each otherʼs touch.
Artist(s): Sam Marshall
Label: Sumthing Else
Release Date: 9/30/2014
Item #: 1322452X
UPC #: 669311311023
Product Type: CD

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