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The Ford at Fox Collection: The Essential John Ford
Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
The Ford at Fox Collection: The Essential John Ford

The Ford at Fox Collection: The Essential John Ford

Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
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Six-disc set includes "Drums Along the Mohawk" (Special Edition), "Frontier Marshal" (1939), "The Grapes of Wrath" (Special Edition), "How Green Was My Valley," "My Darling Clementine" (Special Edition), and the documentary "Becoming John Ford."
John Ford
Claudette Colbert
Walter Pidgeon
Henry Fonda
Maureen O'Hara
Linda Darnell
Victor Mature
Anna Lee
John Carradine
Edna May Oliver
Donald Crisp
Charley Grapewin
Cathy Downs
Eddie Collins
Walter Brennan
Roddy McDowall
John Loder
Tim Holt
Dorris Bowdon
Sara Allgood
O. Z. Whitehead
Jessie Ralph
John Qualen
Arthur Shields
Barry Fitzgerald
Alan Mowbray
Eddie Quillan
John Ireland
Patric Knowles
Robert Lowery
Zeffie Tilbury
Roy Roberts
Welsh Singers
Frank Sully
Morton Lowry
Jane Darwell
Grant Withers
Ward Bond
Frank Darien
Darryl Hickman
Kay Linaker
Ann Todd
J. Farrell MacDonald
Russell Simpson
Frederick Worlock
Shirley Mills
Richard Fraser
Roger Imhof
Spencer Charters
Don Garner
Francis Ford
Bess Meredyth
John Steinbeck
Lamar Trotti
Nunnally Johnson
Philip Dunne
Grant Mitchell
Si Jenks
Ben Hall
Charles D. Brown
Arthur Walsh
Rhys Williams
John Arledge
Arthur Aylesworth
Louis Mercier
Chief Big Tree
Lionel Pape
Charles Tannen
Harry Tyler
Mickey Simpson
Ethel Griffies
William Pawley
Fred Libby
Paul McVey
Marten Lamont
William B. Davidson
Clifford Severn
Dennis Hoey
Selmar Jackson
Earle Foxe
Beulah Hall Jones
Charles Middleton
Edwin Maxwell
Eve March
Robert Greig
Dan Borzage
Tudor Williams
Eddie Waller
Herbert Evans
Paul Guilfoyle
Clara Blandick
Clarence H. Wilson
Mary Field
Duke Lee
David Hughes
Cliff Clark
Don Barclay
Tiny Jones
Harry Woods
Joseph Sawyer
D. H. Turner
Mae Marsh
Jack Pennick
Mary Gordon
Frank Faylen
Charles Stevens
Frank Conlan
Adrian Morris
Robert Adler
Hollis Jewell
Margaret Martin
Charles W. Hertzinger
Robert Homans
Irving Bacon
Frances Rey
Kitty McHugh
Norman Willis
Lee Shumway
Frank O'Connor
Tom Tyler
Harry Cording
Ralph Dunn
Paul Sutton
Jack Owen
Pat Flaherty
Dick Rich
Hugh Thomas
Herbert Heywood
Harry Strang
David Jones
Walter Miller
Gaylord Pendleton
Robert Bradford
Allan Watson
Robert Shaw
Jan Williams
George O'Hara
Thornton Edwards
Russ Clark
Robert B. Williams
James Flavin
Philip Morris
Max Wagner
Trevor Bardette
Helen Davies
Walter McGrail
William Haade
Ted Oliver
Gloria Roy
Wally Albright
John Wallace
Erville Alderson
Louis Mason
Shirley Coates
Peggy Ryan
Georgia Simmons
Harry Holden
Hal Budlong
John Binns
Harry Wallace
Joe Bordeaux
Tyler Gibson
Frank Newberg
Jack Walters
Bill Wolfe
Delmar Costello
Frank Atkinson
James Welch
Charles Thurston
Waclaw Rekwart
Frank Watson
Al Stewart
Scotty Brown
Charles West
Dean Hall
W. H. Davis
Scotty Mattraw
Walter Perry
Billy Elmer
Buster Brodie
Nora Bush
Jane Crowley
Eleanor Vogel
Emily Gerdes
Rose Plummer
Edna Hall
Josephine Allen
Directors: John Ford, Fred C. Brannon
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Release Date: 12/4/2007
Item #: FXD008311
UPC #: 024543483113
SKU #: D53638
Attributes: Gift Set, Sensormatic
Product Type: DVD
Rating: UNR
Closed Caption: No

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