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The Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee Collection 2 (1959)
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Horror
The Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee Collection 2

The Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee Collection 2

Format: Blu-ray Genre: Horror
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Seven-disc set includes:

Uncle Was A Vampire (1959)

One year after "Horror of Dracula," Christopher Lee lent his sinister presence to this Italian-made horror/comedy. After his castle home is destroyed, vampire Count Rodrigo (Lee) journeys to his family estate, unaware that it’s now a resort hotel where his hapless nephew Osvaldo (Renato Rascel) works as a bellhop. Will Osvaldo follow his undead uncle in putting the bite on the gorgeous female guests? With Sylva Koscina, Susanne Loret. 93 min. Dubbed in English. C/Rtg: NR

The Secret Of The Red Orchid (1962)

When the heat at home gets too great, a Chicago mobster (Klaus Kinski) settles on London to set up shop for his extortion and murder racket. Can the FBI agent (Christopher Lee) imported by Scotland Yard for assistance be the one to smash his schemes? Atmospheric German krimi based on Edgar Wallace's "When the Gangs Came to London" also stars Marisa Mell, Adrian Hoven, Eric Pohlmann, Pinkas Braun. 84 min. Dubbed in English. BW/Rtg: NR

Dark Places (1974)

An asylum administrator (Robert Hardy) found himself surprisingly bequeathed the mansion of a former patient. Intrigued as he was by the rumors of a fortune in cash hidden on the premises, he'd find peril from various locals likewise interested in the loot,,,as well as sinister forces within the house eroding his own sanity. Creepy British chiller co-stars Christopher Lee, Joan Collins, Herbert Lom, Jane Birkin, Jean Marsh. 91 min. C/Rtg: PG

Dracula And Son (1976)

Christopher Lee's final film foray as the vampire lord came in this French farce from Édouard Molinaro, as the count and his hapless progeny Ferdinand (Bernard Ménez) are driven from their ancestral castle by angry villagers. While the father finds success as a horror film star in London, the son has less luck as a Parisian night watchman. Marie-Hélène Breillat, Catherine Breillat also star. 96 min. In French with English subtitles. C/Rtg: PG

Murder Story (1989)

Wannabe crime novelist Tony Zonis (Alexis Denisof) thought himself lucky to have scored an apprenticeship with genre master Willard Hope (Christopher Lee), and the old man shared his technique of picking through headlines for narrative angles. Unfortunately, the threads that they pulled on were connected to a governmental cover-up--and placed their lives in jeopardy. Dutch-made thriller co-stars Bruce Boa. 89 min. C/Rtg: PG

Standard and Widescreen; Soundtracks: English, German, Italian, French; Subtitles: English; audio commentary; featurettes; image galleries; theatrical trailers; "Dracula and Son" soundtrack CD; more.

Studio: Severin
Number of Discs: 7
Release Date: 7/26/2022
Item #: 2492746X
UPC #: 760137104636
Product Type: Blu-ray

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