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Everything You Want (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
Everything You Want (Original Soundtrack)

Everything You Want (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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From the ABC Family Original Movie Premiere broadcast April 17, 2005 comes the soundtrack of Everything You Want. Everything You Want is a witty romantic comedy about Abby's choice between staying with her safe and perfect boyfriend, and taking a risk with an imperfect but genuine guy. Abby (Shiri Appleby) is an intelligent, yet isolated, art student who uses her imagination to help her work through her shyness and strained relationship with her parents. As a child she began to delve into a world of art and creativity. She eventually met Sy (Orlando Seale), who understood her, and became her close friend and confidant - the person she could talk to about anything. Sy helped her work through the various challenges in life and became her perfect boyfriend. Now in college, Abby is focused on her studies. She lives with her best friend, Jessica, an unorganized yet fun and flamboyant girl. All is well until Jessica's cousin Quinn (Nick Zano), enters the picture. He is failing his art appreciation class and Abby gets conned into helping him. Though she finds him annoying, Abby and Quinn begin to spend more time with each other. Slowly, her disdain for him dissipates and a genuine bond begins to form between them. As her relationship with Quinn awakens, Abby begins to realize that she has to confront her own eccentricities in her involvement with Sy, and the realities in dealing with life's challenges. She wonders if she ever experienced real pain, real love and real happiness. She has to decide whether to continue to live in the safe harbor she's created with Sy, or to risk her world by taking a chance with an unpredictable, imperfect but real man of her dreams to find true love. This soundtrack contains 15 upbeat and romantic songs from the movie by talented musicians from the U.S., Canada and the U.K.
Artist(s): Various Artists
Label: Candlelight Media
Release Date: 8/9/2011
Item #: CNLT100993
UPC #: 609261009939
Product Type: CD
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