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F1 Review 1971 Great Scot
Format: DVD Genre: Sports
F1 Review 1971 Great Scot

F1 Review 1971 Great Scot

Format: DVD Genre: Sports
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Formula One 1971 Review - Great Scot! Is the DVD review of the 1971 Formula 1 season. This was the year when Jackie Stewart was crowned as F1 champion, the year of the Stewart/Tyrrell double act. At the start of the 1971 F1 season Ferrari was still the team to beat, and the brute force of the V-12 engine threatened to destroy everything in it's wake. However, it was the addition of Stewart and Tyrrell into the Championship that challenged the balance of power. It made for an epic season that pitted mechanical muscle against driving skill. And as the season progressed Stewart and Tyrrell developed a magical formula that combined radical aerodynamics with Stewart's sublime talent. It became clear that the might of the prancing horse could (and would) be tamed. ? This review doesn't just show the action from the season ? it tells the story. The 1971 Formula One season was the year the tire-war intensified as the first slicks hit the tarmac, the year driver safety became a genuine concern and the year of Niki Lauda's first Grand Prix. Brunswick Films were pioneers in the embryonic days of Formula One production, when sponsors controlled the demand for footage, and before the era of global TV coverage began. They have skillfully combined film from their famous archive - including some previously unseen material - to create a review that captures the essence of a very special era in Grand Prix racing. The 1971 Formula 1 season is perfectly summarized in this 52 minute DVD using archive footage from Brunswick Films. The review is a wonderful piece of Grand Prix nostalgia in which the brilliant driving skills of Jackie Stewart teamed up with Tyrrell to clinch the 1971 Formula One Drivers Championship. Now you can relive the key events from the 1971 Grand Prix season on this DVD.
Studio: Duke Marketing
Release Date: 10/23/2012
Item #: 372963X
UPC #: 5017559101961
Product Type: DVD

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