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The Falcon Mystery Movie Collection: Volume 1
Format: DVD Genre: Mystery / Suspense
The Falcon Mystery Movie Collection: Volume 1

The Falcon Mystery Movie Collection: Volume 1

Format: DVD Genre: Mystery / Suspense
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The first seven RKO programmers featuring Michael Arlen's gentleman detective are collected on three discs. "The Gay Falcon" (1941) introduces George Sanders as Gay Lawrence, who tackles an insurance scam by jewel thieves and their supposed victims. Next, the saboteurs who kidnapped the scientist behind a synthetic diamond-making process have "A Date with the Falcon" (1941). Lawrence comes to the aid of a wrestler on the hunt for his ex-girlfriend in the first screen rendition of "Farewell, My Lovely," "The Falcon Takes Over" (1942). Audiences were introduced to "The Falcon's Brother" (1942) when Gay's brother Tom (Sanders' real-life sib Tom Conway) joins him on a fateful South American mission. Conway inherited the mantle in "The Falcon Strikes Back" (1943), as Tom Lawrence is framed for a banker's murder by war bond racketeers. When two businessmen and their $100,000 vanish during an airplane flight, Tom gets on the case in "The Falcon in Danger" (1943). Lastly, Lawrence has to deal with a professor's murder in "The Falcon and the Co-Eds" (1943). 9 1/4 hrs. total on three discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
George Sanders
Tom Conway
Wendy Barrie
Lynn Bari
Harriet Hilliard
Jane Randolph
James Gleason
Elaine Shepard
Edgar Kennedy
Allen Jenkins
Don Barclay
Amelita Ward
Anne Hunter
Mona Maris
Isabel Jewell
Cliff Edwards
Gladys Cooper
Helen Gilbert
Ward Bond
Edward Gargan
Victor Kilian
Edward Brophy
Ed Gargan
George Givot
Rita Corday
Erford Gage
Arthur Shields
Clarence Kolb
Cliff Clark
Frank Moran
Charlotte Wynters
Damian O'Flynn
Russ Clark
Wynne Gibson
Felix Basch
Anne Revere
Richard Davies
James Newill
Turhan Bey
George Cleveland
Barbara Brown
Eddie Dunn
Keye Luke
Richard Loo
Harry Shannon
Richard Martin
Juanita Alvarez
Amanda Varela
Ruth Alvarez
Hans Conried
Lucile Gleason
Alec Craig
Willie Fung
George J. Lewis
Nancy McCollum
Frank Martinelli
The Velma Dawson Puppets
Chester Tallman
Gwili Andre
Jack Carr
Frank Fanning
Andre Charlot
Jimmy Conlin
Art Dupuis
Byron Foulger
Ian Wolfe
George de Normand
Robert Smith
Patti Brill
Walter Soderling
Kernan Cripps
Charles Arnt
Bob Thom
Juan Varro
Harry Semels
Margie Stewart
Eddie Arden
Margaret Landry
Jean Brooks
Sid Troy
Julie Warren
Carole Gallagher
Paul Newlan
James Blaine
Olin Howlin
Ken Harlan
Ken Terrell
Barbara Lynn
Bobby Barber
Anthony Blair
Elmer Jerome
Paul Norby
Mary Halsey
Rosemary La Planche
Andre Marsaudon
Mickey Simpson
John Dilson
Eddie Hart
Warren Jackson
Robert E. Keane
Mickey Phillips
Elaine Riley
Charles Russell
Al Sullivan
Elinor Troy
Eddy Chandler
Jack Gargan
Lynton Brent
Polly Bailey
Earle Ross
Amarilla Morris
Dorothy Maloney
Tommy Tucker
Eddie Borden
Dorothy Kelly
Leo Cleary
Joey Ray
Ralph Dunn
William Alland
Frank Faylen
Hooper Atchley
Edward Dew
Dick Rush
Kay Aldridge
Lee Bonnell
Julia Hopkins
Youda Hayes
Fred Carpenter
Bruce Edwards
Virginia Vale
Jack Norton
Georgia Carroll
Dorothy Christy
Anne O'Neal
George Lloyd
Bonnie Kildare
Robert Andersen
William Forrest
Lew Kelly
Mary Stuart
Max Waizman
Joan Barclay
Ruth Cherrington
Lorna Dunn
Elizabeth Russell
Gayle Mellott
Perc Launders
Selmer Jackson
Frank O'Connor
Charles Trowbridge
Ariel Heath
Ralph Brooks
Barbara Coleman
Roxanne Barkley
Ann Summers
Jack Mulhall
Bud McTaggart
Daun Kennedy
Harry Lee
Ronnie Rondell
Charles Hall
Carl Stockdale
Russell Wade
Louise Richie
Aileen Dixon
Manuel Paris
Louis Donath
Mickey Martin
Allen Wood
Marten Lamont
Directors: Stanley Logan, Irving Reis, William Clemens, Edward Dmytryk
Studio: Warner Archives
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 10/18/2011
Item #: WBA640235
UPC #: 883316402351
SKU #: D59334
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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