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The Falcon Mystery Movie Collection: Volume 2
Format: DVD Genre: Mystery / Suspense
The Falcon Mystery Movie Collection: Volume 2

The Falcon Mystery Movie Collection: Volume 2

Format: DVD Genre: Mystery / Suspense
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Tom Conway's remaining adventures as sleuth Tom Lawrence are collected on two discs. When a Texas playboy is murdered in Manhattan, Lawrence traces the trail back to the Lone Star State in "The Falcon Out West" (1944). When new works by a supposedly dead artist surface, Lawrence goes to Mexico City to investigate in "The Falcon in Mexico" (1944). Lawrence travels to Tinseltown when a cuckolded actor turns up slain in a back lot in "The Falcon in Hollywood" (1944). Lawrence keeps silk smugglers at bay, in the City by the Bay, in "The Falcon in San Francisco" (1945). "The Falcon's Alibi" (1946) better hold up, when the jewelry he's been hired to safeguard disappears. Lastly, Lawrence squares off with murderous thugs after a diamond-synthesizing system in "The Falcon's Adventure" (1946). 6 2/3 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Tom Conway
Mona Maris
Barbara Hale
Carole Gallagher
Madge Meredith
Rita Corday
Martha MacVicar
Veda Ann Borg
Edward S. Brophy
Vince Barnett
Sharyn Moffett
Jane Greer
John Abbott
Robert Warwick
Nestor Paiva
Joan Barclay
Elisha Cook Jr.
Fay Helm
Mary Currier
Cliff Clark
Sheldon Leonard
Robert Armstrong
Steve Brodie
Ed Gargan
Konstantin Shayne
Cecilia Callejo
Al Bridge
Emory Parnell
Ian Wolfe
Minor Watson
Esther Howard
Frank Jenks
Don Douglas
George Holmes
Carol Forman
Joseph Vitale
Jean Brooks
Joseph Crehan
Lyle Talbot
Pedro de Cordoba
John Mylong
Perc Launders
Paul Brooks
Edmund Cobb
Fernando Alvarado
Phil Warren
Walter Soderling
Tony Barrett
Bryant Washburn
Lee Trent
Ralph Dunn
Morgan Wallace
George J. Lewis
Harry Harvey
Lucien Prival
Eden Nicholas
Useff Ali
Joan Beckstead
Lee Frederick
Julian Rivero
Chief Thunderbird
Robert Clarke
Tom Burton
Hermine Sterler
Carl Kent
Juanita Alvarez
Betty Gillette
Drew Miller
Ruth Alvarez
Steve Winston
Max Rose
Gwen Crawford
Alphonse Martel
Bud Wolfe
Forbes Murray
Dorothy Adams
Alan Ward
Duke Taylor
Patti Brill
Slim Whitaker
Dave Sharpe
Harry Clay
Sherry Hall
Maxine Semon
Norman Mayes
Robert Andersen
Bonnie Blair
Mary Worth
Dudley Dickerson
Myrna Dell
Edmund Glover
Chester Carlisle
Linda Van Loon
Tom Noonan
Bob Alden
Margie Stewart
Mary Halsey
Virginia Belmont
Daun Kennedy
Johnny Strong
Frank Mayo
Larry Wheat
Frank O'Connor
Jack Gargan
Andre Charlot
Rosemary La Planche
Nancy Marlow
Alf Haugan
Greta Christensen
Effie Laird
Chris Drake
Chef Milani
Philip Morris
Mike Lally
Jack Chefe
Nina Campana
Elaine Riley
Sam Harris
Jimmy Jordan
Doreen Tryden
George de Normand
Jack Stoney
Lawrence Tierney
Napoleon Whiting
Chiche Baru
Lorraine Rivero
Robert Bray
Frank Pershing
Shirley O'Hara
David Cota
Jacques Lory
Harry Strang
Nan Leslie
Iris Bynam
Joe LaBarba
Chili Williams
Edward Clark
Dorothy Olivero
Joe Cody
Kernan Cripps
Chester Clute
Theodore Rand
Eddie Borden
Margaret Farrell
Geneva Hall
Wheaton Chambers
Bert Roach
Manuel Lopez
Norman Willis
Bert Moorhouse
Vic Travers
John Eberts
Sammy Blum
William Nestell
Bob O'Connor
Tony Roux
Zedra Conde
Frank Henry
Leo Martin
Michael St. Angel
Lillian Nicholson
Roque Ybarra Jr.
Directors: Gordon Douglas, William Berke, William Clemens, Joseph H. Lewis, Ray McCarey
Studio: Warner Archives
Release Date: 2/19/2013
Item #: 600676X
UPC #: 883316719329
SKU #: D09903
Attributes: Full Frame, Manufactured on Demand, Dolby, Mono Sound
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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