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Female Fight Squad
Format: DVD Genre: Action / Adventure
Female Fight Squad Preview

Female Fight Squad

Format: DVD Genre: Action / Adventure
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LIONS GATE Female Fight Squad Female Fight Squad Amy Johnston plays a troubled young woman who has fled her violent, street fighting past in Las Vegas to live the quiet life of an animal shelter worker in Los Angeles. It's easy to relate to her passion for animals, and the affection she shows to a three-legged dog who remains unadopted is touching. However, when some shady dog fighters show up to the animal shelter looking for their pitbull, Johnston is forced to throw down; the resulting beating she delivers to the two much larger men ends up on YouTube thanks to the shelter's security cameras, and all of a sudden Johnston finds herself in the fighting world spotlight once again. Her sister, played by Courtney Palm, arrives on her doorstep with some bad news: she's deep in debt to a shady promoter (Rey Goyos), and the only way out is for Johnston to train her sister's team (the titular Female Fight Squad) and earn back the dough in the ring.
Studio: Lions Gate
Release Date: 10/10/2017
Item #: 1942432X
UPC #: 031398266341
Attributes: Widescreen, Subtitled, Dolby, AC-3
Product Type: DVD
Rating: R
Subtitles: SPA
Closed Caption: Yes

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